What’s a true designer?

Everything that I know about being a designer was either learned within the few design courses that I had in University or was completely self-taught with the help of Doctor Google, design books, and design courses (like those on Skillshare).

The truth is I’m not a professional designer (yet!) but I know the foundations and I am convinced that the rest comes out of practicing a lot and learning on the field.

Still, trying to find my place in the “design world” has been proven to be very hard and getting a chance even harder.

I have also considered becoming a freelancer, but the truth is that freelancing is not a walk in the park and I pretty much prefer to be part of a team where I can discuss ideas, learn as much as I can and talk about silly things.

I never go to an interview pretending that I am more qualified than an already experienced designer but in truth, most of the times, what gets in the way is the fact that I don’t have a degree in Design or a super fancy portfolio. This leads me to the following questions:

Is a degree really all that matters?

Shouldn’t we value things like willingness to learn, soft skills and personality?

This is a current discussion that’s been on and off among people who have studied Design in school and on the other hand, people who studied on their own.

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