The Melting Pot 70–17th January 2020


I’m going to let you into a secret. There’s a method that I’ve introduced to my CEO clients which they’ve found transformational. Not only does it massively improve the accuracy of recruitment. It also increases motivation, performance and energy in the business. What is this hard-hitting formula? Creating a job scorecard.

In last week’s blog, I talked about the importance of regular talent assessment and ways you could rank staff performance as A, B and C in your organisation. Your aim has to be getting the percentage of A-Players up to 90% if you can (the definition of an A-Player being the top 5 to 10% of the available talent for a given job, salary and location). But in order to do this, you need a structure around job performance and expectations that everyone buys into and accepts. And you need a recruitment process that attracts only A-Players. This is where the job scorecard comes in.

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When I’m not coaching CEOs to scale their organisation by taking the mystery out of growth, I’m learning, researching and curating content for entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

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Andrea Daly-Dickson

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