melt Eco Squad: Why Go Green in the Office

melt’s EcoSquad, originally dubbed “Environmental Rocks,” was created by Kate and Amory, two meltmedians who hold degrees in Environmental Education and Sustainability, to provide small improvements for our company so that it feels second nature for someone to throw a bottle into the recycle bin rather than the trash can.

Amory has been responsible for similar groups at nearly every company prior to meltmedia she has worked for, from large organizations, like Maricopa County, to smaller companies such as local and national restaurants.

Kate had worked for the National Park Service, the National Forest Service, and more than a handful of environmental non-profits. After making the change to the tech industry, Kate attended several meetups in the valley and noticed the lack of recycling options at each venue.

Both Kate and Amory had great insights as to why our office should go green and have been a key in helping us establish easy, environment-friendly practices.

We know we can’t possibly come up with every single idea to make meltmedia greener, which is why the EcoSquad gives meltmedians the chance to submit their go green ideas, and then decide the best way to implement them into our day-to-day work environment.

melt’s Eco Squad hopes that other companies in the valley will follow our lead and implement more eco-friendly practices, if they haven’t already. Their goal for 2017 is to show other companies in the area why they should go green and how effortless being sustainable can be, while incorporating more feedback from our peers and the community.

Have any suggestions on how we can make melt more sustainable? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments!

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