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Bike Battle tech update

With a lot of energy we are working on the first release of the Bike Battle game. Bike Battle is the first ‘to earn’ application developed under the MELX brand. This update is a technical update on the progress that we’ve made so far.

Smart contract development

After we have finished the technical architecture and defined the tokenomics, we started to work on the smart contracts that Bike Battle is relying on. Below you can find a selection of the tasks we have completed

  • Gacha mechanics (Chainlink VRF/ on-chain randomnees) [deployed on Mumbai testnet] ✅
  • NFT contract [deployed on Mumbai testnet] ✅
  • On-chain minting mechanism ✅
  • On-chain minting and nft contract integration with Openzeppelin Defender ✅
  • Documentation ✅
  • Unit test for smart contract ✅
  • Creating a subgraph to store the player NFTs on their inventory ✅
  • NFT assets generator ✅


Any game relies on great designs. At this moment we are working on the following designs:

  • The NFTs Unboxing UI/UX
  • The NFTs background screen
  • The in game NFT assets


In terms of frontend development, the following tasks have been completed:

  • Framework environment setup ✅
  • Dependencies set up for react ✅
  • Creating the template and other custom components on top of MUI ✅
  • Storybook.js setup for components handling (component driven) ✅
  • Simulating gacha unbox animation with Lottie
  • Metamask integration ✅
  • Retrieving MEL balance ✅

About MELX

The mission of MELX is to become a leading DAO for “to earn” projects that take place within the Metaverse concept. MELX has great tokenomics that will reward (early) participants with every new project that MELX develops. MELX native token, MEL, is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges

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