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Dear community,

We are thrilled to share with you that, as we are developing the projects under the MELX umbrella, we have decided to reward our loyal community members by significantly updating the staking APY.

The updates APY structure will be as following:

This update is all about rewarding our most loyal community members. The longer you stake your $MEL, the higher your reward will be.

  • The baseline APY will be increased from 10% to 15%. No matter how long you will stake your $MEL.
  • The APY will increase after 30 days to 20% (your API on the first 30 days will remain 10%)
  • The APY will increase after 60 days to 25% (your API on the first 60 days will remain 10% + 20%)
  • The APY will increase after 90 days to 30% (your API on the first 90 days will remain 10% + 20% + 25%)

The implementation of the new APY structure will go live on Wednesday May 11. Please expect some planned downtime.

You can stake your MEL via (the platform is currently live with our old (10%) APY.

Please note, if you have already staked your $MEL, you don’t need to do anything. We will update the current smart contract.

Giveaway campaign; get 250$!

To support the update of our staking program, we decided to do a giveaway among new community members. The price is 250$!

What should you do?

Winner will be announced on Friday, May 13!

Buy $Mel: 💸🏆

Uniswap: 0xed0889f7e1c7c7267407222be277e1f1ef4d4892

Quickswap: 0xb9784e05c7af6068fc82a80730a599fe17ca2adf


About MELX

The MELX network is an accelerator. Our mission is to develop projects that help to transform the way people and goods move around the planet. A system of advanced token economics ensures direct allocation and rewards of every project that is developed within the MELX ecosystem.

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