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Last week, we unveiled two main features within Bike Battle: the referral program and the achievement dashboard. As we are nearing the completion of this highly anticipated NFT game, we are ready to share more.

Bike Battle race tracks

Last week we finalized all the different race tracks in Bike Battle. You can now choose and race 14 different race tracks!

Race Tracks

MELX new website in progress

As the market is going through a bearish sentiment, we are working on a much needed update of the MELX website. We are using this momentum to also fine tune our proposition and update our roadmap.

Melalie collaboration with Our Bali Your Bali

This week, Melalie established a collaboration with Our Bali Your Bali, a platform that is supporting charities that help the weak within the Balinese society.

One of the ways you can help as well is by donating, purchasing an eBook or ordering one of Dean’s cookbooks. you will be helping to raise significant funds for these local organizations which, in turn, will provide desperately needed aid for the local community. 100% OF PROFITS will go directly to those in need.


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About MELX

The MELX network is an accelerator. Our mission is to develop projects that help to transform the way people and goods move around the planet. A system of advanced token economics ensures direct allocation and rewards of every project that is developed within the MELX ecosystem.

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