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Thank you for reading this Friday’s update. We are excited to share with you what we have been working on in the past months and weeks. We believe that the teams that continue to build in bear markets, will be the ones on top when the sentiment changes.

An update on BikeBattle

Let’s get started with BikeBattle. Our development team has been working on fine tuning the user experience for the race itself. On the front-end, you can now select the arena and select the bike you want to race with. Next, your opponents will appear and you will be ready to race!

But there is more. Within BikeBattle, we have developed a workshop. Here you can buy parts and upgrade your bike (that is an NFT). With a better equipped bike, you can compete at higher levels and earn more. Consequently, the value of you bike can increase as well.

Now let’s go to the backend. As mentioned, we are developing the workshop. This is fascinating tech to work on, since it will allow you to actually update your NFT! We want to develop it in such a way that we can show you a real-time preview, without updating the page when we do the actual transactions on the blockchain.

The designs….

The game itself is great to work on because it’s the mathematical visualization of the underlying tokenomics. However, the design part is where we can bring our imagination to life. We promised to show you the 3D designs of the BikeBattle world. Well, here you go!

BikeBattle — Race Tracks
BikeBattle — Motorbike Dealer
BikeBattle — Garage
BikeBattle — Charging Station
BikeBattle — Bank
BikeBattle — Airport
BikeBattle — Workshop
BikeBattle — Dock
BikeBattle — Home

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About MELX

The MELX network is an accelerator. Our mission is to develop projects that help to transform the way people and goods move around the planet. A system of advanced token economics ensures direct allocation and rewards of every project that is developed within the MELX ecosystem.

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The MELX network operates as a DAO. MELX is focussed entirely on the growing “to earn” economy. MELX provides its holders with staking rewards and governance power. $MEL is cryptographic token that fuels the MELX Network.

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