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The Bike Battle dynamic NFT whitelist will open in 7 days

Thank you to each one of you for being a part of the MELX community! We are thrilled to showcase what our team has been working on and ramp up publicity. In this update we will share with you:

  • When you can subscribe for the BikeBattle whitelist
  • The first version of the BikeBattle website
  • The first version of the MELX and BikeBattle documentation

BikeBattle whitelist

Bike Battle is a click-to-earn game inspired by Mad Max and Cyberpunk, where unique Battle Bikes Race and Battle each other for grand rewards.

Each bike within Bike Battle is a unique NFT. With the $ you can earn within Bike Battle, you can upgrade your bike with add-ons that will make your bike more competitive. Your bike can win more races. You can start competing in different leagues and earn even more $. The NFT’s are developed as dynamic NFT’s, using the Chainlink tech stack.

Awesome designs. Strong game features. Powerful tokenomics and reward mechanisms. BikeBattle will set a new standard. $MEL holders will be rewarded heavily with early access, airdrops, and more!



  • Buy your BikeBattle NFT: Each NFT will be sold for 2000 $MEL. People who subscribed via the whitelist will get a discount of 50%.
  • Limited spots available: We have a total of 1000 spots available via the whitelist. Each spot will contain a maximum of 5 NFT’s
  • Open: The whitelist will be open on February 25, 09.00 AM GMT.
  • Requirements: the whitelisted wallet needs to hold a minimum of 25.000 $MEL. You need to hold your $MEL on the Ethereum network or on Polygon. (Buy $MEL via Uniswap, Quickswap or Bibox)
  • Usage: Bike Battle NFT’s are part of the Bike Battle play to earn the game. The better equipped you are in the game, the higher the chance you will earn.
  • Total number: We will mint a total of 10.000 NFT’s
  • Network: the NFT’s will be minted on the Polygon network.
  • Unique: Each NFT is a unique piece of art as well as a dynamic
  • Unpacking event: TBA

Bike Battle / MELX DAO

Bike Battle is a MELX project. $MEL is a cryptographic token that fuels the MELX Network. A system of advanced token economics ensures direct allocation and rewards of every project that is developed within the MELX ecosystem. Governance of MELX will be executed via the MELX DAO.

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