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The introduction of BBCOIN

In this update we will explain BBCOIN, the in-game reward token for BikeBattle and how MELX holders will benefit from it’s development.

BBCOIN to power Bike Battle

Bike Battle is a click-to-earn game inspired by Mad Max and Cyberpunk. Unique Battle Bikes (dynamic NFT’s) race and battle each other for grand rewards on the island of Tropica.

Bike Battle does not only come with awesome designs but with powerful tokenomics and reward mechanisms as well. The token economy of Bike Battle will be powered by BBCOIN. This in game token has a set of tokenomics that are designed especially for Bike Battle. Central themes in the tokenomics are; earning, the DAO, buring and building.

Bike Battle players can use BBCOIN; to charge their bike before a competition, upgrade their bike and much more! When a player won, the reward will also be in BBCOIN.

BBCOIN drop to MELX holders

MELX has a system of advanced tokenomics that ensures direct allocation and rewards of every project that is developed within the MELX ecosystem. This is of course no different in the case of BBCOIN. More on the BBCOIN drop will follow soon. Meanwhile, make sure you subscribe yourself for the BikeBattle NFT whitelist. You will also learn more in case we do a big launch of BBCOIN….!

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