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5 min readJan 23, 2017


The idea of working remotely has been there for over a decade, but most people called it “Working from home”. I like to call that period as “freedompreneurs era”.

This era, has blasted like a supernova in the past few years. A coliving concept has emerged where people can choose to work and live together with other digital nomads for as long as they like and wherever they like. Call yourself a remote worker, freelancer or digital nomad: you are all the same for me. I talked to some of the founders of coliving spaces and how each of them are providing unique ways of experiencing a destination but all share the same view of providing a community of like-minded individuals. This has paved the way for new coliving spaces offering new perspective to where you can work from.

Here is my take on the 6 best coliving spaces of 2017:

1. Swiss Escape

Where: Grimentz, Switzerland
How much: from €319 p.w
Internet Speed: 100Mbps
Closest Airport: Geneva (GVA)
Specialty: Alpine village

Photo credits: Swiss Escape

The first coliving space in Switzerland. Swiss Escape personifies your expectation of Switzerland — here everything works and you can expect everything to be of top notch quality within the coliving space. Yes, the ski lift is 100m away. Yes, they have personal ski lockers. Yes it is a Swiss chalet. But there is more to it than meets the eye. In summer, Swiss Escape offers free activities like access to swimming pool, tennis court, mini golf, excursion to a glacier and even stargazing! (my personal favorite).

2. Wolfhouse

Where: Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Spain
How much: from €315 p.w
Internet Speed: 30Mbps
Closest Airport: Tenerife South (TFS)
Specialty: Catered for teams

Photo credits: Wolfhouse

Weather is never a problem when it comes to Canary Islands. I have been in touch with the founder for some time now and he really took care of all the details when it comes to the coliving space. The Wolfhouse combines the essentials of offices with the remote lifestyle. Working with your team in a warm and sunny island, what else do you want? Oh, and add a swimming pool to that.

3. The Collective

Where: London, England
How much: from €250 p.w
Internet Speed: N/A
Closest Airport: Heathrow (LHR)
Specialty: Massive community


I think somehow, we all end up in London. Be it for events, meeting friends or for just enjoying the good old English breakfast. These guys already have five living spaces and they recently opened their first coliving space; Old Oak. It’s where modern design meets communal living. With over 500 rooms, a built-in library, gaming room, gym and plenty other communal spaces, you would want to live here forever. P.S they’ve also got a cinema room! 😲

4. Restation

Where: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
How much: from €245 p.w
Internet Speed: N/A
Closest Airport: Gran Canaria (LPA)
Specialty: Beachside

Surfs up! Head out to the beach for a morning ride on the waves, and be back for the afternoon conference call. With only 2 mins walk from the beach, Restation provides an ideal coliving experience for those beach bums among you. Needless to mention, it’s located in a sun-kissed, mouth-watering and people-loving town of Las Palmas.

5. Playworking

Where: Djurasevici, Montenegro
How much: from €250 p.w
Internet Speed: 15Mbps
Closest Airport: Tivat (TIV)
Specialty: All inclusive

Photo credits: Playworking

Stunning views, healthy food and creativity boost — Playworking sums it all. This coliving space is engulfed by pure nature. It is situated in a nice little town, tucked away in the Bay of Kotor, overlooking the Adriatic sea. Together with their tour partner, they organize weekly activities such as kayaking, sailing and rock climbing to keep you active. The best part is, all of it is included in the weekly price.

6. Magicville

Where: Bogota, Colombia
How much: from €126 p.w
Internet Speed: 20Mbps
Closest Airport: El dorado (BOG)
Specialty: family-like community

Everything about this place looks fun which fits them right into the artistic district of Bogota.The longer you stay, the more integrated you feel into the community; from barbecue nights to workshops and you might even pick up a new language in some of their skill sharing events. Coworking is no different; you get a choice of private office, shared space and meeting room therefore you could be a globetrotter or a slow traveler, you will blend right in. There is truly some magic in the air.


As we start this new year of innovation. I wanted to expose the upcoming coliving spaces that are so unique but share the same vision of a connected community. I want to hear what you think about these spaces and if you know of any other new spaces, hit me up.

Haz Memon
Swiss Escape



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