New Coliving spaces of 2018

Last year I wrote an article on New Coliving spaces of 2017, and it is only fair that I do that this year too. As this new era of living and working together develops, we are seeing some brilliant ideas and destinations added to the mix.

I am here to highlight some of the new Coliving spaces that I am absolutely stoked to try out for myself.

Here is my take on the best coliving spaces of 2018:

  1. Clipster

Where: Gdansk, Poland
How much: from €125 p.w
Internet Speed: 25Mbps
Capacity: 15 persons
Closest Airport: Gdansk (GDN)
Specialty: Startup vibe

Photo Credits: Clipster

This is THE place to go if you’re planning on starting your own business or growing your current one. Clipster offers a large array of activities such as workshops, masterminds and even mentors to help you get to that next level in your career. All of this is included in the price of your stay. To top it all, you could win up to €5000 of grant after completing the immersion program.

2. Arctic Coworking

Where: Lofoten, Norway
How much: from €200 p.w
Internet Speed: 60Mbps
Capacity: 12 persons
Closest Airport: Leknes (LKN)
Specialty: Arctic nature

Photo Credits: Arctic Coworking

If you are someone like me, then you dream about seeing those Northern lights and enjoying the white nights in Norway during summer. Well, now you have a coliving space that let’s you gaze at the stars while being in the midst of a community of like-minded people. From surfing to skiing, the Lofoten Islands is a beauty to behold.

3. Kindred Quarters

Where: San Diego, USA
How much: from €565 p.w
Internet Speed: 100Mbps
Capacity: 8 persons per house
Closest Airport: San Diego (SAN)
Specialty: All-inclusive coliving

Photo Credits: Kindred Quarters

With 3 locations in San Diego, this fast growing space welcomes Entrepreneurs from all over the world. Each of the “Entrepreneur houses” has its personal chef and a weekly mastermind that will trigger that Einstein in your brain. As an all-inclusive coliving space, you can stay focused on your work without worrying about the daily chores.

4. Co.Haus

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia
How much: from €174 p.w
Internet Speed: 30Mbps
Capacity: 40 persons
Closest Airport: Soekarno Hatta (CGK)
Specialty: Innovation driven

Photo Credits: Bighaus

Jakarta is often a stop for many remote workers heading to Bali. Co.Haus has curated a space for the innovators and the change-makers among you. Their spaces are gorgeously designed with a perfect touch of nature. If that’s not enough, add a swimming pool and a gym to it.

4. Bed-Stuy House — Outpost Club

Where: New York, USA
How much: from €152 p.w
Internet Speed: 100Mbps
Capacity: 25 persons
Closest Airport: New York Airports (JFK) (EWR) (LGA)
Specialty: Flexible living

Photo Credits: Outpost Club

We have all, at some point, stopped in New York or dream to visit the big apple. Now you don’t have to worry about being alone is this cosmopolitan city. With over 6 spaces to choose from, and a total capacity of 170 persons, Outpost Club makes New York living comfortable, flexible and accessible.

5. The Bill Murray SWAP Loft

Where: Austin, USA
How much: from €264 p.w
Capacity: 20 persons
Internet Speed: 300Mbps
Closest Airport: Austin Bergstrom (AUS)
Specialty: Flexible living

Photo Credits: SWAP Loft

A two story, 4000 sqft loft, is probably one of the only places you can colive with digital nomads/entrepreneurs in Texas. It has one of the fastest internet speeds I have ever come across and it is fully equipped with conference rooms, event spaces and a coworking area. I wonder what their “Bend and Brew” is all about…


Another great round-up of coliving spaces around the world. I envision coliving spaces to become a norm in the next 5 years, meaning, wherever you travel, coliving is matched with options like hotels, hostels, airbnb etc.

Let me know what you think about these spaces and if you’ve heard of a new coliving space that must be added to the list, give me a shout-out. Oh and hold down 👏 to show your support.

Haz Memon
Swiss Escape