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There’s no other place that combines such an excellent level of writing with a truly engaged and active community. Medium is truly where ideas are born, shared, and spread.

Jasmine Bina

I think writers should work for readers instead of advertisers, so I’m voting with my credit card. I happily pay for products I love. Writing is no exception.

Andrew Courter

I love Medium’s membership — it gives me access to the stories I love by the writers I love, and it allows me to help support those writers financially. The audio recordings of standout articles are a huge plus for a podcast lover like me.

Kayt Molina

As a member, I don’t just get the news, I get deep perspectives on national and world events. I get expert commentary on art, culture, tech, and science, even relationships, family, food, and spirituality, all in one place.

Jack Preston King
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