Meme2Earn Announces New Meme of the Day Sponsor, Flamingo Finance

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4 min readSep 6


Hello, fellow memers of the world! We‘re thrilled to announce another sponsorship for our Meme of the Day contests. Joining Xatoxi, and GhostMarket, is…

(…drumroll please…)

Flamingo Finance!

Meme of the Day Ongoing Contests

If you don’t already know, Meme2Earn users post memes on different topics every day on to earn big prizes ($420 per week!).

We always aim to have daily contest themes about trending topics in the news. This keeps these ongoing contests fun, different every day, and current with the times.

Every day we post that day’s topic on and on our discord.

So far, over $12,000 has been rewarded to Meme of the Day participants!

Project Sponsors

And to help us make this all happen, we now have four sponsors sponsoring Meme of the Day.

Flamingo Finance Wednesdays

Flamingo Finance ( now sponsors every Wednesday. Flamingo is an easy-to-use DeFi platform built on the Neo N3 blockchain. Designed with Smart Functions for everyone, from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency users, Flamingo makes DeFi easy.

Whether you want to stake in liquidity pools and earn yield, borrow crypto against your collateral, or simply trade from one token to another, Flamingo Finance is the place to be.

To stay in touch and keep up to date on all things Flamingo, join their Discord or Telegram, and connect with them on Twitter.

Flamingo helps contribute to prizes awarded to winners every Wednesday.

Xatoxi Mondays

Xatoxi ( sponsors every Monday. Xatoxi was founded in 2010 with a simple concept: to offer a private ecosystem with complete privacy, security and transparency.

After a decade of research and experimentation, advances in the philosophy and technique of decentralization, blockchain, and privacy revolutionized and deepened the meaning of Xatoxi’s thoughts and concepts.

Constant advances in quantum computing threaten the security that protects the fabric of the internet, putting at risk every bit of data shared and stored by humanity, paving the way to beginning of cyberwarfare. Once a dream, now a reality, Xatoxi’s innovation will be available to every human on earth, irrespective of their origins.

Quantum Safe Space

Xatoxi’s proprietary technology offers citizens a secure entryway to a panoply of decentralized services where transparency, time, and privacy are all intertwined into the user experience.

Xatoxi’s mainnet will release on July 31, 2024.

Xatoxi helps contribute to prizes awarded to winners every Monday. Join Xatoxi’s discord here. Tuesdays ( sponsors every Tuesday. is a dApp discovery and analytics platform for the Neo ecosystem. It also includes information on exchanges, explorers, wallets, and is home to the Discord GasBot. helps contribute to prizes awarded to Tuesday’s weekly winners.

GhostMarket Fridays

NFT marketplace GhostMarket ( sponsors every Friday. From seasoned veterans, to brand new traders, GhostMarket has the tools you need to have fun and succeed in the world of NFTs. Create and trade across six different blockchains as you earn weekly rewards whenever you buy or sell NFTs on the platform.

GhostMarket helps contribute to prizes awarded to winners every Friday.


To participate on any given day:

  1. Post any number of memes in any daily themed category for your chance to win that day. Make sure your memes are aligned with the topic for that day (they change daily).
  2. For each meme you post, post it on X (Twitter)*. Each day has different tweet requirements.
  3. Go back to your meme on and paste your tweet link into the Twitter Link field and select Link Tweet.

That’s it!

* Note: The easiest way to do this is to just click the Generate Tweet button on your meme after you post it. We’ve done the work for you and it will automatically populate your tweet with the correct required text.


  1. We award $420.00 USD total every week. Thirty (30) memes will win $14.00 USD each in crypto every week.
  2. We’ll pick 5 winners per day, 6 days per week.
  3. We’ll announce winners and send out prizes every two weeks.

That’s all for now. Now go forward, and meme on, every single day, with Meme2Earn’s Meme of the Day contests! is a state-of-the-art, revolutionary meme-to-earn platform built on the Neo N3 blockchain.

To stay in touch with us and keep up to date on trending memes, join us on Discord and Telegram, and connect with us on Twitter.

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