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How To Create A Cryptocurrency

The short version:
We use

If you feel fairly confident in crypto, you can navigate over there and follow the instructions on the site, it's quite straightforward.

If you need a simple walkthrough, do continue to read.

Otherwise, let’s go!

1) Download TrustWallet from the AppStore

We need this app to use the MemeCoinGen website

Trustwallet in the iOS store (Available on Android Too!)

2) Enable TrustWallet in Safari! (iOS instructions only)

If you are using an apple device, you will need to enable the TrustWallet browser in your regular safari browser first.

You can do this by navigating to: trust://browser_enable

It should open up your TrustWallet app after and you will now be able to go to the browser tab in TrustWallet.

Navigate to the url above in your normal phone browser.

See: if you need more help.

3) Navigate to in the TrustWallet Browser

If you get the orange banner like below, switch over to the “Smart Chain” Network. Do this by clicking the small icon where the arrow is pointing to as illustrated below.

5) Create Your Coin!

Click create your Coin, pick the free option and fill in the details for your coin

Fill in your coin details!

6) Connect your wallet and Publish Your Token!

It’s free but you still will have to pay a super tiny amount in Gas fees charged by the Binance Smartchain Network

Publish Your Token
Pay the tiny amount of GAS fees

7) Copy Contract Address

If you are using Metamask, you can just use the Add to Metamask Wallet and be done with this.

Copy The Contract Code from your contract receipt!

8) Add in TrustWallet Custom Tokens

Come out of the browser and go to the wallet. Make sure you your token contract address in the Smart Chain dropdown when entering your coin details.

Add in your custom token details
We did it! 🍾

Now you have your token and are free to give it away, send it to friends or sell/swap it on pancakeswap (Instructions coming soon!)

I hope this article helped you on your coin creation journey. Feel free to get in contact on twitter or telegram for any help! (IG & TG: @memecoingen)

Thanks for reading!

— The MemeCoinGen Team 🌕



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