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How To List Your Coin on PancakeSwap

So you’ve created your first cryptocurrency / Memecoin on, now you want people to be able to trade your coin on PancakeSwap.

But before people can trade your coin on PancakeSwap, you must create a Liquidity Pool.

What is a Liquidity Pool?

TLDR: A liquidity pool is a collection of 2 different token pairs. It is a pool of funds that allows people to swap a created token.

For eg. You may have a pool of two tokens; your token and BNB, which allows people to swap between these two tokens on PancakeSwap.

People who provide liquidity (liquidity providers) will get a percentage of the transactions that use the liquidity pool they help provide.. This is another way to make money in crypto.

Without doing this, there is no pool of funds to allow users to make trades. When people try to buy your coin, they will be hit with an “insufficient liquidity” error.
As the coin creator, you must provide the first initial liquidity & we will show you exactly how.

Check the video at the end of the article for a more detailed explanation.

Ok, I want to make a Liquidity Pool to let people swap my coin on PancakeSwap.

Let’s run through the steps!

1) Navigate to PancakeSwap!

Using a web3 Browser like TrustWallet or Metamask

Go to Liquidity in the menu

2) Add Your Liquidity Pool Tokens

This would be the token you have created & what people will swap it for.

Copy and paste your newly created token contract address to find it in the token dropdown.

Click Add Liquidity
Add your pair of liquidity tokens

Add your token and the pair people will use to swap with it (Usually BNB but it’s up to you). You can create additional pools with BUSD or USDT at a later date.

You will need to supply an amount of your token and the other pair (BNB in this case). The ratio you supply will determine the price of the token.

Input the amounts and press Approve DBS then Supply
Confirm the details and press Create Pool & Supply

3) Your token is now swappable on PancakeSwap!

Congratulations! But first let’s confirm you have your liquidity pool tokens.

This is a token you get in exchange for the tokens you have provided as liquidity. It basically says you are an official liquidity provider & it entitles you to a certain percentage of transactions that utilized the liquidity pool.

With our Safemoon style tokens, you can have a percentage of transactions automatically add to the liquidity pool too, which will help provide frictionless swaps as your token market cap and holders grows!

Your coin is now available on PancakeSwap for swapping. Now it’s time to promote it to others!

Extra Reading:

Learn More About Liquidity Pools

I hope this article helped you on your coin creation journey. Feel free to get in contact on twitter or telegram for any help! (Twitter & TG: @memecoingen)

Thanks for reading!

— The MemeCoinGen Team 🌕

— Twitter: @memecoingen
— Telegram: [Click to Join!]



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