Memo Cam — We scan the world.

Nov 16, 2018 · 1 min read

We are happy to announce our new AI-powered information/text capturing camera app, Memo Cam. Today,

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We scan the world.

Memo Cam enables accurately detecting and then extracting every meaningful information such as phone numbers, addresses, dates or URLs from the current scene of Camera or your numerous photos saved. Then you can make a call, open maps, navigate websites even search flights, and keep them all as the contacts or raw text.

Our question was simple actually “what is/should be a real usage of AR in our everyday life, instead of the 3D visual effect itself” So to answer that self-question, created this.

And we were tried to make a new navigation system for Photos. Auto Detection Bot is the automatic pre-processing and selection system for selecting the right items in the current context while scrolling when items are contained meaningful data.

Solving with the pure software strength is important and would like to think about the next meaning of all kind of visual sensing devices. We’re living on the most robust personal hardware environment than ever. There’re entirely lots of things to think and make.

So please expect more huge updates!

For more details, we’ve posted on Product Hunt 👉

Memo Cam

Capture and store any info nearby with your camera

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