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Memo Labs and Bifrost Join Forces to Create A New Storage Ecosystem

The Memo Labs is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bifrost.

Bifrost is built for Organizations at Scale. Organizations around the world choose Bifrost to solve their large scale data storage use cases.

MEMO, a project launched by Memo Labs, is committed to providing a solid storage layer for Web 3.0 and has been continuously exploring ways to improve storage performance.

About Partnership

Standing at the intersection of Web 3.0 and Metaverse, Memo Labs highly value data security and user data ownership. As an integral part of our commitments, Memo Labs reached strategic cooperation with Bifrost to deliver decentralized storage services with global storage nodes to build a new storage ecosystem.

Our open-source cooperation covers many aspects, ranging from decentralized cloud storage services to off-chain NFT data backup. We also aim at funding Web 3.0 ecosystem projects together with Bifrost.

Please stay tuned for more information on the partnership between Memo Labs and Bifrost.

About Bifrost


Address: 1108–250 Consumers Road North York, ON M2J 4V6

About Memo Labs

Memo Labs is a cloud storage laboratory founded by MEMOLABS FOUNDATION. Memo Labs is committed to providing cloud storage solutions and storage ecology for WEB3.0. Memo is building a decentralized cloud storage system that will safeguard metaverse and NFT off-chain media assets and metadata while retaining privacy and authenticity.





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MEMO is an open source blockchain-enabled decentralized storage system that provides a completely new storage network that can meet demands for more security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Memo Labs

MEMO is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. Our mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.