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Memo received The Gold Creative Award for the Best Distributed Storage Technology at 2021 World Blockchain Technology and Application Summit

On Oct 23rd, 2021 World Blockchain Technology and Application Summit was held in Yantai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong Province, China. Memo was invited and awarded “Global Annual Best Distributed Storage Technology Presentation Award”.

Jointly participated by the design organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities from 46 countries across the globe, The World Industrial Design Conference is an international event of the development of designing industry. It aims to promote the deep integration among the industrial design, social and economic development, accelerating the regional exchange on designing. WIDC has established the World Design Embassy and issued the “Global Design Poverty Alleviation Initiative” and “Design Industry Declaration”, exerting a profound influence in industrial field. Its affiliate organizations include the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the Industrial design associations of various countries, the International Design Federation, World Design Organization and so on.

In the context of the deep integration of global industrial design and technology, business, culture, manufacturing, along with the continuous produce of new value, emerging industry, new brands and unique form of consumption, the global digital industry is taking off. Among which, the perfect fit of distributed storage, industrial digitalization and NFT allows the blockchain technology to bring whole-new development opportunities.

Focusing on the blockchain technology, the WIDC organized the “2021 World Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum”. The forum aims to provide a platform for the exchange of innovations and cooperation in this field, as well as financing the supreme designing program of blockchain technology. Memo decentralized cloud storage stands out among the competitions figured by its innovative data layering mechanism and original data redundancy repairing technology and is highly praised by the WIDC Organizing Committee, which is thus awarded the “Annual Global Best Presentation Storage Technology”.

As an innovator in the blockchain cloud storage, the most illustrious innovation of Memo is the upgrade on security, availability, and scalability. From centralized cloud storage to decentralized cloud storage, it took a major step forward on security performance. Therefore, the opportunity for decentralized cloud storage is infinite, yet at the same time, the high redundancy and delay of blockchain have become the toughest bottleneck.

Memo Labs constantly putting effort on researching the improvement of scalability and availability based on security to make a breakthrough. In the end, Memo, a storage project adopts blockchain as settlement layer was created. MEFS (MEmo File System) has offered a highly expandable solution for decentralized cloud storage by data leveling mode. Based on such system architecture, MEFS created a multi-fault tolerant mechanism, an efficient public verification mechanism and a RAFI-cored data recovery technology. The combination of multiple technical innovations makes MEFS a secure, reliable, highly available and expandable decentralized cloud storage system.

When data becomes a circulation medium, technology and civilization are in the process of deep collision and integration. As another crucial innovation and exploration, metaverse draws significant attention for being the next generation internet. Metaverse and its users always had the assumption of sustainable running. However, the metaverse is still in its early stages. The data storage is mainly centralized. There is always a mutual exclusion between centralized storage and metaverse, whether on idea accordance or security performance, let alone the sustainable running. Memo decentralized cloud storage can work in a decentralized way with high security performance to facilitate metaverse running persistently.

Memo will continue exploring the high-quality storage service aligned with all civilizations in the long run. Memo decentralized cloud storage will not only serve as the reliable infrastructure in the big data times, but also desire of facilitating substantial development of human civilization.




MEMO is an open source blockchain-enabled decentralized storage system that provides a completely new storage network that can meet demands for more security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Memo Labs

MEMO, is a new-gen blockchain decentralized cloud storage protocol. The mission is to build a reliable storage infrastructure for the Web3 era.

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