The smearing of Charles Ramsey begins

From the fevered swamps of right wing talk radio. Where else.

Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would be reluctant to do what Charles Ramsey did this week. Who knows what could happen if you try to act like a human being and, you know, help other human beings?

Perhaps they’ll look into your criminal record. Why wouldn’t they? That’s where the money is. Just ask paranoia whore of the week, Dave Ramos.

Every city has a right wing mouth organ, Cleveland’s is 1100 WTAM. Like clockwork, first on the smear cash bandwagon is WTAM’s Dave Ramos, a morning blowhard who resides in the same AM cess pit as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and local repulsively grotesque fat pig moron, Mike Trivosonno, whose claim to fame, other than ignorance, is that local sports talk radio legend Pete Franklin used to make a damn fool of him on the air, regularly, 20 years ago. Fine credentials there, Mike. RIP Pete.

In that right wing lunatic style we all know and love, Ramos piously declares of Charles Ramsey “this story stinks” (such instinct, Dave) and has posted what he claims is the rap sheet of Charles Ramsey. Way to encourage everyone else to stick their necks out and help people. When’s the last time you got off your ass to help anyone, Dave?

Pretty sure no one at WTAM, let alone Dave Ramos, ever spends a single second in Cleveland neighborhoods like Seymour Avenue. Practically every person on the street is likely to have some sort of criminal record. Entire wards of Cleveland are populated almost entirely by ex-offenders. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than an ex-offender being in a position to do what Charles Ramsey just did.

For an ex-offender to raise their head above the ramparts to even show their face in public, let alone call the POLICE, for any reason, let alone trespass onto a property to save someone’s life…that’s just one of the miracles that happened this week in Cleveland. I ran for office on this issue, in these neighborhoods, advocating to ban the box on employment applications asking about criminal record. Overcoming the inhuman tyranny of a criminal record is impossible unless we raise our voices. Charles Ramsey just raised his voice, to the sky.

So I’m raising my voice in defense of my fellow ex-offender. Dave Ramos, maybe someday your biggest mistakes will be run up a flagpole to dominate your existence for as long as you live. I bet you’ve got some doozies in there. Pretty sure you won’t be saving anyone’s life when it happens.

Meantime, trolling identifiably black man Charles Ramsey over his past should certainly help your ratings, Dave. Gotta get those white suburban listeners lathered up in between selling them gold coins, identity theft “software”, and assorted wages of paranoia from which you fund your existence. Being such a knee jerk slave to money sure must be fun, because it doesn’t sound human at all.

UPDATE: Proving the point entirely, here’s Dave Ramos wallowing in his whoredom on Twitter.

All about the benjamins.

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