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Memory Leak — 7/29/2022

VC Astasia Myers’ perspectives on machine learning, cloud infrastructure, developer tools, open source, and security.

🚀 Products

LiteFS Released in Alpha

Created by Ben Johnson, LiteFS is a file system that can replicate SQLite databases across a cluster of machines. It works as a passthrough file system that intercepts writes to SQLite databases in order to detect transaction boundaries and record changes on a per-transaction level in LTX files.

Why does this matter? LiteFS is an enhancement to SQLite, the most used database in the world. LiteFS hits on two major trends 1) embedded data management systems and 2) databases at the edge.

DALL·E Available in Beta

OpenAI’s DALL·E is an ML system that creates realistic images and art from a description in natural language. DALL·E allows users to create visual content quickly and easily. OpenAI plans to invite the 1 million people off its waitlist over the coming weeks.

Why does this matter? Generative models are neural networks that can be trained on a large corpus containing millions of images and learn to encode their statistically salient features. After the model is trained, it can produce completely new images that are not contained in the original dataset. DALL·E exemplifies the rise of synthetic data and the use of the transformer neural network architecture that has become mainstream.

Hello: A Search Engine for Developers

Hello is a new search engine leveraging ML to solve challenging technical queries. It instantly answers technical questions with simple explanations and relevant code snippets from the web.

Why does this matter? According to the 20th edition of the State of the Developer Nation report, there were 26.8 million active software developers in the world at the end of 2021. SlashData predicts the number of developers will grow to reach 45 million by 2030. Developers are a large and growing community with specialized needs and tools.

We’ve also seen other search engines launch recently including that is a “customizable open search platform” powered by natural language processing. They launched YouCode that’s a search service for developers.

📰 Content is a resource from Vercel and SWYX that defines DevRel, explores 3 types of DevRel, discusses how to get a job doing it, and offers advice for aspiring and beginner DevRels. announced its $25M Series B. Fly enables developers to run a multi-region service at the edge and is an alternative to a traditional CDN.

Frontegg announced its $40M Series B. Frontegg is a user management service for developers who build B2B SaaS apps. It helps vendors become “enterprise-ready” faster.

💼 Jobs

⭐️Speakeasy Founding UX Lead

⭐️Hex Cloud Engineer

⭐️Preset.ioSoftware Engineer, Fullstack

All opinions expressed are that of Astasia Myers and not the opinions of Quiet Capital.



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Astasia Myers

Astasia Myers

Founding Enterprise Partner @ Quiet Capital, previously Investor @ Redpoint Ventures and Cisco Investments