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Astasia Myers
Oct 15 · 2 min read

The number of podcast listeners in the U.S. increased sharply in 2019, with nearly one out of three people listening to at least one podcast every month, according to Edison Research. As an enterprise investor, founders often ask me what podcasts I listen to. With thousands of podcasts across technology, business, and finance, there are a ton of great options. But there are only so many hours in the day. Below I list, in no particular order, some of my favorite podcasts and some great episodes.

1. Software Engineering Daily: Features daily interviews about technical software topics.

Why I like it? Jeff Meyerson does a great job getting technical thought leaders to dig into their solutions and architectures.


Kubernetes Vision with Joe Beda

Gloo: Function Gateway with Idit Levine

Apache Superset with Maxime Beauchemin

2. The New Stack Makers: Technologists building and managing new stack architectures have short conversations at conferences out on the tech conference circuit.

Why I like it? Alex Williams and team provide timely, relevant content related to the DevOps community.


GitLab’s Growth: Deep Transparency Makes a Difference

What Is GitOps and Why It Might Be The Next Big Thing for DevOps

Why Serverless Matters

3. The CyberWire: Clear and concise summaries of cybersecurity news with commentary from industry experts.

Why I like it? The podcast provides digestible daily news briefs to help you be informed.


Episode 946

4. The TWIML AI Podcast: Amplifies the voices of a broad and diverse spectrum of ML and AI researchers, practitioners, and innovators to help make it more accessible.

Why I like it? Host Sam Charrington doesn’t just have operators on the show but also academics and covers the use of ML outside traditional business applications.


DeepQB: Deep Learning to Quantify Quarterback Decision-Making with Brian Burke

Re-Architecting Data Science at iRobot with Angela Bassa

Real World Model Explainability with Rayid Ghani

5. The Twenty Minute VC: All things venture capital, startup funding, and pitching.

Why I like it? The Twenty Minute VC was actually the first business podcast I ever listened to daily! Harry Stebbings hosts leading venture capitalists and gives an inside look into their careers and how they evaluate startups.


Brad Feld

Semil Shah

Armon Dadgar

Memory Leak

Redpoint perspectives on distributed computing, cloud-infrastructure, developer tools, open source and security.

Astasia Myers

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Enterprise VC @redpointvc

Memory Leak

Redpoint perspectives on distributed computing, cloud-infrastructure, developer tools, open source and security.

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