Serverless Cloud Native Landscape: New from Redpoint Ventures and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Astasia Myers
Feb 14, 2018 · 4 min read

In October 2017 Redpoint released our Function as a Service (FaaS) landscape that identified over 50 FaaS offerings. The tremendous feedback we received from leaders in the space coupled with the dynamic environment prompted us to revisit the landscape and provide an update. Today we are releasing the Serverless Cloud Native Landscape v0.9.5, which has been reviewed by the CNCF serverless working group but remains a work in progress. Our plan is to continue to iterate on this landscape as long as there are developments so please send us feedback at

As investors we are excited by the transition to serverless technologies and its ability to lower barriers to building new technologies and accelerate software development. Most of all, we remain inspired by entrepreneurs building FaaS-focused businesses today. If you’re working on a FaaS technologies please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always learning from our conversations with FaaS leaders, and we look forward to meeting and collaborating with you!

· Library for developing and deploying serverless Python code in AWS Lambda

· Monitoring, analytics and error tracking of Lambda functions

· Application performance monitoring for Lambda

· A continuous integration system built on AWS Lambda

· SDK and CLI for spawning streaming stateless HTTP microservices in multiple programming languages

· Command line tool to locally run and deploy your node.js application to Amazon Lambda

· Serverless operations console that provides automation, predictable performance, and operational control

· Observability for AWS Lambda (from OpsGenie)

· Python serverless microframework for AWS

· Automates all the error-prone deployment and configuration tasks, and sets everything up the way JavaScript developers expect out of the box

· Serverless web framework for Node.js on AWS

· Full-stack JavaScript framework for cloud-native web applications

· Tool to create, wire and deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation

· Command line tool to make it easier to deploy, update, and test functions for AWS Lambda.

· Prescribes rules for expressing serverless applications on AWS

· Single toolkit for deploying serverless architectures to any provider

· Framework for building APIs using AWS API Gateway and Lambda

· Go framework for AWS Lambda microservices

· Support a uniform programming model across serverless providers, as well as the ability to run standalone (locally or in a PaaS)

· Helps deploy serverless apps, APIs, and static websites

· Helps developers build and deploy server-less Python applications on AWS Lambda and API Gateway

· Platform that lets developers run code without provisioning or managing servers

· Platform written in Node.js

· Creates serverless HTTPS functions instantly

· Serverless environment on Google’s infrastructure

· Docker-centric Serverless platform that lets users wrap functions in Docker images and have them run on demand.

· Open source serverless platform that can run anywhere

· FaaS based on Apache OpenWhisk

· Event-driven serverless compute experience

· Automated compute service which runs and scales your micro-services

· Serverless app platform empowering enterprises to reliably scale their Docker-based jobs on any cloud, public, private, or on-premises

· Serverless platform provider that delivers high-performance workloads at the edge

· Lets developers run event-driven, serverless functions at scale

· Serverless environment to execute functions on the edge, transforming, enriching, and filtering messages as they route through the PubNub network

· Fully managed serverless compute platform that allows running code without thinking about cloud providers

· Helps users create decoupled functions for serverless hosting providers or any other runtime target without vendor lock-in and enables the use of Spring Boot features like auto-configuration, dependency injection, etc. on serverless providers.

· Standard library for functions to help turn them into infinitely scalable, self-healing web services paired with compute

· Serverless application platform to build powerful real-time apps

· Serverless environment to build and run your Twilio code

· Platform to run functions that are self-heal and scale as needed

· Allows users to take their JavaScript (Node.js) or Docker powered websites, applications and services to the cloud with ease

· Serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events at any scale

· FaaS platform that’s optimized for predictable, low latency

· Open source serverless platform to build scalable apps

· Tool to help deploy Function-as-a-Service on a user’s own server

· Container management and serverless implementation

· High-performance serverless event and data processing framework

· Multi-cloud Platform for Microservices and Serverless

· Kubernetes native serverless platform

· Open source project which implements an event-based Lambda style programming model for Kubernetes

· Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes

· Apache-licensed serverless computing project, written in Go and based on Linux containers

· Open-source, serverless platform built on Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high performance

· Security built for serverless architectures

· Finds and fixes vulnerabilities in dependencies

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Redpoint perspectives on distributed computing, cloud-infrastructure, developer tools, open source and security.

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Memory Leak

Redpoint perspectives on distributed computing, cloud-infrastructure, developer tools, open source and security.