Introducing Memyo

A New Way to Engage

Jun 10, 2017 · 5 min read

Everyone has a story. Life is the balance between making and telling that story. We illustrate our stories with identity and characterize them through interactions with the world around us and the individuals with whom we share it. If we are not actively authoring our life stories with the decisions we make and the actions that follow, then we’re sharing, comparing, reminiscing and rewriting — in one fashion or another, telling — our stories through communication with other people.

In making our stories, with every decision we make and every action we take we are forced to abandon the infinite spectrum of alternative paths our story could have taken. Listening to the stories of others thereby becomes the way in which we vicariously experience what life was like before our own story, or what life might be like outside of it, or what life could be like after it.

Social media presents an incredible opportunity to extend both our story-making and story-telling capabilities. Never before have humans had the opportunity to engage with such a diversity of perspectives, access information so quickly, or extend our own thoughts and opinions so widely throughout the world.

Existing apps and platforms allow us to tell others what we’ve been up to, or even show them what we’re doing right now — but that’s where they stop.

To date, however, social media has only really extended our story-telling capabilities. Existing apps and platforms allow us to tell others what we’ve been up to, or even show them what we’re doing right now — but that’s where they stop. Despite the evolution from status box to camera phone, existing social media still largely serves as a receptacle in which to deposit our thoughts and dump our experiences. We can capture and share the world around us, but capturing and sharing only allows for a surface level presentation of our lives. It’s a superficial way to tell our stories stemming from a mindless way with which to interact with the world.

This mindlessness is reflected in the way we curate our content in accordance with what we think others want to see. This mindlessness is embodied by habitual scrolling during moments of boredom or discomfort. This mindlessness is inherent in the snapshot judgments we make of our peers based on the snapshot insights they provide of their lives. This mindlessness is fostered by the comfort of echo-chambers and information bubbles that provide opinions with which we agree and perspectives with which we’re familiar.

Mindlessness, though, does not need to be negative. When provided the proper frame in which to wonder, mindlessness embodies a degree of spontaneity and idiosyncrasy that channels our individuality more genuinely than any concerted, purposeful effort.

Not a few individuals choose to frame their own lives and expand their own viewpoints in a manner that so constructively channels their mindlessness. Nevertheless, in order for us all to be united, in order for us all to appreciate the contributions that others have to offer for the world and for ourselves, in order to foster a universal respect that comes from an understanding of each individual’s story, we need an overarching frame that allows my mindlessness to be mutually intelligible to your mindlessness, and allows them all to wonder together.

Memyo is that frame.

Memyo prompts individuals to go out and experience the world, and allows them to interpret that world on their own terms.

Memyo allows individuals to see the experiences of others, and propels them to reinterpret those experiences with their own perspective and in their own way.

Memyo is a space through which spontaneity and idiosyncrasy can freely flow in a creative and constructive manner.

Memyo incorporates a profile screen that changes and adapts with the personality of each individual moment by moment, rather than capturing a snapshot of an individual’s growth in a given moment at a given time with their given values.

Memyo is an affirmation that “I” am not just one mind, one viewpoint, one person, but that the world is a place full of different perspectives, values, and backgrounds that equally contribute towards a collective humanity.

Memyo is a place to go kick back with your friends, and also a place to stand up with your brothers and sisters of the world.

Memyo is a platform dedicated to maintaining the authenticity of its users and designed for users to lean into the vulnerability of being themselves.

Essentially, Memyo strives to inspire mindful mindlessness so that we can all become mindlessly mindful.

Memyo provides a structure that fosters mindful engagements with the world around you and the individuals therein. It fosters an awareness of our own agency and an equal appreciation for the different ways by which other people express their own personality, whereby mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance become second-nature. Essentially, Memyo strives to inspire mindful mindlessness so that we can all become mindlessly mindful.

By facilitating engagements with the world around you, by providing a framework for you to go out and experience the world through your own perspective, Memyo extends your story-making capabilities to a global scale. By allowing others throughout the world to not only appreciate, but actively experience your engagements within their own circumstances and through their own perspective, Memyo allows us to make those stories together.

Let’s not make history, let’s go make our story. Together.


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