Mended Hearts
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Mended Hearts

Remembering His Final Days

Reflecting on Dealing with Suffering and Passing

The other day, I saw post online about a new invention that had been approved in Switzerland. A Suicide Pod. My mind instantly went to thinking about my father and his struggle with cancer for 8 years. I wondered how I would fare if I ever found myself in that position, or in old age, my body slowly falling apart, my mind drifting away.




As we grow older, we tend to have our hearts broken many times in many ways. But through all the pain, we also become stronger, learn to cope in healthy manners, and heal from the damage. Let’s share the stories that broke us and how we moved forward and mended our hearts.

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Lena Quinn

Lena Quinn

Career woman | Mom | Budding Writer/Author | Follow me for true personal stories, encouragement in love and relationships, and fictional short stories.

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