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The new way to call Mendix microflows from Java actions

Let’s have a look at a couple of practical examples.

// BEGIN USER CODEcom.mendix.core.Core.microflowCall("TestCallingJava.SUB_ShowMessageCount").inTransaction(true).withParam("Name", "Donald").withParam("MessageCount", "1234").execute(this.getContext());return null;// END USER CODE
Donald sees this message.
// BEGIN USER CODEjava.util.Map<String, Object> params = new java.util.HashMap<>();params.put("Name", "Boris");params.put("MessageCount", 3);com.mendix.core.Core.microflowCall("TestCallingJava.SUB_ShowMessageCount").inTransaction(true).withParams(params).execute(this.getContext());return null;// END USER CODE
Boris sees this message.

In summary



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