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Experimenting with Mendix’s free
sandbox environment

What is a sandbox?

What is a Mendix sandbox?

  • 1 GB memory
  • 1 GB for the storage of files
  • 0.5 GB maximum database size

Differences between a sandbox and a licensed environment

Is it possible to solve existing limitations in a different way?

Can I run production applications in a sandbox?

How do I deploy my apps to the sandbox?

Can I have both a production sandbox and a testing sandbox?

  1. Does your existing application run in the production sandbox? Create a new, blank project that has the same name as your .mpr file.
  1. Deploy the blank project to the sandbox (Take a look at “How to deploy to a sandbox” to find out how to do this).
  2. Now you have a blank Mendix project in the sandbox that you can use as a testing environment.

Final suggestions

  • Working with sandboxes requires some patience every now and then, simply because the deployment process doesn’t always move along as fast as it would do in a licensed environment.
  • You can use the default debugger that you also utilize in your local environment.
  • Make sure that an administrator and user are created in the “After Startup” of your model if these roles aren’t already in place.
  • As with Mendix apps that run on a licensed node, make sure your security and access rules are in place.



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