Web 2D ELO-adaptive action game

Tower Offense started with a simple idea:

“What if games fit the player, rather than players fitting into the game?”

Design lead: UI/UX for game, UI/UX for supporting website, Animation Engineer. “How can we make this game as replayable as possible? How to make website straightforward that allows highest conversion rate?”

Description: Games should be fun. However, many games fall into one of two traps. Some games are too easy, and get boring quickly. Others are too hard, and are frustrating until you just turn them off. The narrow band between easy and hard is challenging, engaging, and where the fun lives. The challenge is finding that narrow band: It’s different for everyone, and it moves as you become a better player.

Tower Offense is capable of real time ELO analysis, where the server assesses the player’s ELO change in real time, and adjusts for difficulty accordingly. This creates a fluid gameplay experience that gives new players the same sense of satisfaction, no matter how varied their expertise is.

Technology: C#, ASPNET, Windows Azure, REST Web API, XML, SQLServer, Facebook/Google API

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