Something as a blogger or writer you need to know about targeting commercial keywords and getting sponsorship.

Do you know where you can find the most money on the Internet through writing? By getting ranked on Google for keywords that companies find interesting. You might have known about User-Intent which is №1 factor for companies to target a keyword. The second name of the commercial keywords is…

But, 25 winners will receive $5,000, which makes the odds for you even more.

I write on Vocal as well as Medium. Unfortunately, my stories on Medium were never curated or distributed. However, still, I am in the top 5% of the writers based on earnings because I wrote a lot of content previously and use to write on other writing platforms like Quora.

Sharing my personal experience with running a Google AdSense monetized blog.

The Screenshot showing my Google AdSense earnings

First thing first, ‘did I ever achieved making $50 to $100 a day from Google AdSense?’ Yes, not just once but often and consistently making $80 to $95 a day for more than a month. I never thought this would be possible, but I achieved this by putting in more…

A new way to make money on Quora.

What is Quora+? and how you can make money through it?

Quora always tried to make the platform a bit different. They tried to start different programs from time to time to let writers make money through their platform. When they started the ad-revenue sharing model for Quora space, I was a bit optimistic, but it didn’t work out. …

A step-by-step guide to creating publication categories or sections on your Substack newsletter.

How to create sections or categories in your Substack newsletter?

Substack did a lot of changes on the platform ever since its inception. This platform literally started the whole subscription or newsletter buzz among writers or creators.

What is a category or section in Substack?

A category or a section is a specialized topic of interest for your newsletter subscriber or future readers. You can sort all your…

Menlo Blogging

In Menlo-Blogging, we accept stories that are everything digital.

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