Get a 4% Referral Bonus in the Menlo One Referral Program

Today we’re launching the Menlo One Referral Program, a reward to our community of developers, engineers and forward thinkers who successfully encourage the adoption of our framework and help promote the Menlo One ICO.

As a Menlo One token buyer, your unique URL unlocks a 4% referral bonus of ONE tokens when your friend buys using your link. And your friend unlocks a 2% bonus of ONE tokens since they’re using a referral link.

There is no limit to the number of people that can register for Menlo One’s token sale with your link, so the more you share it, the greater your bonus.

Please Note:

  • You will have to participate in the token sale to earn this bonus, and so will the person you share your link with.
  • Only valid links will qualify and be accepted.
  • Circular linking is not permitted and will disqualify participants from the program.
  • Bonuses will be paid in Menlo’s ONE Token.
  • Receiver of bonus tokens agrees the intended use of the bonus tokens is for the development of our framework or to use on dApps built with Menlo One.
  • The token sale and this bonus is not available to people in the US, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Venezuela. Bonuses are subject to token buyers local laws and regulation, and distribution is at the discretion of Menlo One. Menlo One reserves the right to not distribute bonus tokens to anyone we or our legal counsel feels is ineligible.

How it Works:

This bonus program is open to anyone who participates in the Menlo One token sale, and bonus tokens from this program will be sent with all other bonuses offered after the token sale.

Every token buyer has a unique bonus link which can be shared with friends, family, colleagues etc.

The link sends the user to our to our token sale page, while logging that you sent them the link. If they purchase Menlo One’s token (ONE), you will earn a bonus.

Private Sale Participants

If you participated in our private sale, please email for your referral code.

How to find your unique referral link

To get you referral link you just have to register on our token sale site, and whitelist yourself. For a step-by-step process on how to complete the KYC process you can find our tutorial on it here.

Once you have completed the process, you can view and copy your bonus link as highlighted in the image below:

While you wait on KYC confirmation, you can still share your link and get your friends registered to participate in our sale. You’ll even be able to see the status of your friends application. — So if they promised that they’ve whitelisted — don’t trust, verify!

Where can I publish my bonus link?

You can place within your websites, social media profiles, forums, telegram groups, tweets and other platforms — essentially anywhere such as:

  • Bonus link sent to friends and contacts via messengers or email
  • Bonus link in your accounts on social media
  • Articles and blog reviews
  • YouTube videos about the project
  • Mentions of the project in social media groups

An example message to share:

The Menlo One Bonus Program is Live!
Purchase tokens using my bonus link and earn 2% additional Menlo One’s ONE tokens. Then share your unique bonus link with your friends and you can earn 4% bonus ONE tokens from their purchase!
Follow my bonus link here:

The Sale Starts on September 17th; register now at

Learn more at and join our community on Telegram for your questions about our team, tech and ambitions.