Introducing the newest Menlo One Framework Partner: BitGamer

Menlo One + BitGamer

Today, Menlo One has officially partnered with BitGamer to help fully decentralize their gaming platform and to help provide the tools necessary for their long-term success. is a decentralized eSports platform allowing gamers to earn cryptocurrency simply by playing their favorite video games. Menlo One’s framework for decentralizing applications will be a key way for BitGamer’s development team to enable gamers to meet other eSports enthusiasts to both play games together and earn cryptocurrency.

Matt Nolan, Menlo One Founder and CEO, said, “Gaming has evolved from a childhood pastime to a multi-billion dollar industry; that industry needs decentralization and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.” Andrew Littlewood, CEO of BitGamer said, “We are incredibly excited to be partnered with such a progressive blockchain company like Menlo One, who is currently laying the foundation for Web 3.0, where our gamers can benefit from its robust framework.”

To fully utilize the potential that blockchain has for gamers, Menlo One’s open source framework allows blockchain companies like BitGamer access to a decentralized database and an enhanced Proof-of-Reputation algorithm, so that companies and startups can leverage the components of Menlo One’s blockchain features and its development experts.

About Menlo One: Menlo One is a crypto-tech company that has built an open-source framework for making decentralized applications on the blockchain for the Web 3.0 era.

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