Navigating a “Video-First” World

There’s no getting around it — attention spans are short. But, press releases with video are viewed 970% more than text-only!

People flit around the internet, barely landing on one thing before they’re off to the next. Here’s the secret you already know: Videos are engaging. Way more so than text. Why?

How we connect

Part of it has to do with the way we process information. Movement naturally directs our attention. Plus, we are far more inclined to stayed focused on people and human voices than we are words. But maybe the most important aspect of video is the emotion that can be conveyed with it. No other medium can give rise to so much feeling in a matter of mere seconds.

Knowing what we like

80% of people say they prefer video over any other type of media. What that means is that video can cut through the clutter of our over-saturated world to tell your emotional, relatable story in a way people want to hear. The response to this is more than just watching. Every week, 100 million people like, share, or comment on a video on YouTube alone.

Sharing what matters

So, what kinds of stories can you tell with your videos? Your projects are a great place to start. You can show people what you are working on, and why. Let them see how much your message matters, and they will start to care about it too. Not everyone can make it to your events, but a highlight reel can bring it to life for those who weren’t there. And in the case of exciting news or social media teasers, when engagement really counts, why focus on text when only 20% of people will read it, while 80% are likely to watch a video?

Bringing the team together

Even for internal needs, video is often the best answer. Executive presentations, company trainings, and annual reports contain vital information that is often overlooked. As we increasingly turn to video to connect without users, we should be equally mindful of the importance of employee engagement.

Cisco predicts that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video content. How will your story fit into that world? At Mensch Creative, we focus on the art of using video to tell impact stories. Our studios in the UK and Germany hone your messaging, write scripts, deploy video teams, design motion graphics, and blend it all into coherent and effective videos. We can’t wait to bring your story to life.

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