“Heading Home” Documentary Nearing $72K Goal

(Snippet from HH Trailer)

With just 12 days left, Ironbound Films, Inc. is about halfway to their goal. They are trying to raise $72,000 through Kickstarter to fund a movie called “Heading Home,” which documents a group of Jewish major-league players that are representing Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic.

Thanks to the World Baseball Classic’s citizenship rules, the Israeli team has a load of players with major-league experience on their WBC roster. However, most of those players have not really been exposed to Judaism or even been to their homeland — Israel. The documentary team went with the players to Israel in January.

Team Israel members in Israel

The documentary team raised enough money prior to the trip to Israel to join MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo — who had coordinated the trip to Israel. All of the members of the trip had a phenomenal time, according to the players and reports.

However, the team — despite all the laughs — experienced some sort of heartbreak during the trip. While the team was climbing Masada, the members of the trip had learned that there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem that had killed four people.

Ironbound Films Inc. is now seeking funds to follow Team Israel to Seoul, South Korea next month at the World Baseball Classic. The funds raised will cover travel for the production team, crew fees and expenses for production, as well as editting.

If you are interested in backing this project, click this link.