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Why does your brand strategy matter the most?

Most business owners think that branding is just an option… and here’s why they’re wrong!

Branding is why your tribe comes back for more!

People don’t buy Apple products because they need a laptop or a smartphone. People buy an iPhone… and Apple Watch… and a Mac… and a HomePod because they want to live an experience they crave for.

It is all about meeting your tribe’s core desires. Crafting an experience that they really enjoy. Bringing value to their lives.

As a brand, your role is to articulate the vision that your tribe already has… and then, only then… bringing this vision to life.

People will find a vision

Everybody doesn’t need to have a vision, but everybody can find one. As a brand, you need to articulate yours to let people find it. Without a vision, you’re sailing a boat without a chosen course.

Yes, you can live with that, steer away… but you’ll go nowhere with that strategy.

Brand strategy a.k.a. the magic compass

Defining your brand strategy is like creating the compass you need to reach the port effectively. Even trapped within a big storm you’ll be able to find your way to the shore.

You’ll discover that, when well-defined, your brand compass has magic powers too.
It will help you to easily:

  • build your sailing crew
  • appease the worried sailors
  • tell people about your awesome journey
  • make other captains follow your lead
  • create your pirate brotherhood

The common mistake we all make

We want to show people how great the journey will be before we even plan it.
That is how business owners come up with an identity, a tagline, a logo, … before even defining and articulating the mission and vision of their brand.

And here they go sailing with a pirate flag without knowing that they’re not even pirates… sometimes they’re even fighting against them and their values.

This is why brand strategy matters. Without it, without knowing yourself really well, you don’t stand a chance against people that do.

Your new pirate to do list

  • Learn to know your brand better.
  • Try to define its mission.
  • Try to define its vision.
  • Define its real core values (not bullshit fake ones that everybody uses).
  • Find your difference and cultivate it.
  • Define who’s the enemy.
  • Serve your tribe.

I really hope this post helped you on your journey. Clap for the story if it did!





Mental Breakdown helps you sharpen your brand’s vision. The brand strategy studio based in Nantes, France.

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Alban Mezino

Alban Mezino

Alban Mezino. Brand Strategist. CEO of Mental Breakdown.

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