Why This Single Sober Mom Now Takes Shrooms on the Daily

How microdosing psilocybin dismantled my old patterns and hit the refresh button on my life


Photo by sergeitokmakov on Pixabay

I love shrooms. Other mind-altering substances don’t work for me. But psychedelics? I never had a problem. Before I learned the science behind them, I knew they weren’t harmful.

I’ve been sober for two decades for a good reason. Alcohol is dangerous for me, and I should stay away from it. Cocaine and meth will destroy my life. The jury is still out on weed, but I choose not to take any chances.

I have the best memories of dropping acid on a few occasions and taking shrooms once at a party in Isla Vista, CA, of all places. IV is a small town near UCSB, notorious for its raging parties — not the safest place for a young woman to hang out alone. I was at SBCC, a local community college, and was dating one of the guys who lived with a mutual friend.

Later, we were getting drunk when my friend offered me an eighth of an ounce of whole, dried psilocybin mushrooms. I ate them in a tortilla, then washed them down with a Corona and waited.

The highlights could be straight out of a Gen X movie. Once it began to hit us, we wanted to trip on TV or music. Some guy sitting in an easy chair said, “Relax…



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