There are many ways to get sober, but this one thing is absolutely necessary to ensure success in those early days.

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With 4 years of sobriety under my belt, I have some solid advice to give to newly sober people. I’m also a former mental health and addictions nurse and know some things about recovery.

My journey with alcohol was a few decades long, and it took years before I was ready to quit. There’s a lot to unpack in our personal addiction journey. For me, I needed to get more clear on why I kept going back to alcohol.

I needed to deal with my own mental health issues, my history of trauma, family addiction patterns, and understanding my personal…

Recovery challenges in NYC during a pandemic

The cover of New York Magazine displayed in a bodega — March 2020. Photo by author.

If you live in New York City, you know that space is a precious commodity. Unless you knock down a building, every square foot of Manhattan real estate is spoken for.

Some hypothesize that this is why NYC is so lively. The limited space forces the intermingling of those who would otherwise never cross paths. Maybe that’s true.

What it also forces, however, is encounters you are absolutely sure you don’t want to have.

Like that neighbor you’ve seen steal your newspaper in the morning. Or the high-strung dog mom always sporting Lululemons and screaming into her earbuds. …

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When Triggers of Trauma Derail Your Mental Health

There is something so empowering in remaining calm during hard situations. I cannot even explain how much better I feel since I have learned where my “calm” is. I have discovered so much value in being chill, rather than exploding in rage and anger.

In my past, certain triggers turned me into a walking time bomb. I never lashed out in aggression toward others. I refused to hit another human being or animal in my fits of rage. …

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Sifting through reality and virtual survival

Memes, News articles, Videos, Statuses, Photos, Gifs, and so many more pieces of Social Media feel like noise to me now.

I am guilty of being strapped to my phone. I find humor in many of the postings on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. I enjoy the entertainment value, as much as the next person, because, let’s face it-people can be hilarious.

What I find exhausting, is the constant NOISE of Social Media- The arguments, the debates, the drama, the viral shaming and bullying, and the never ending controversies of the pandemic, vaccines, and political fear mongering. …

As a former nurse, I think it’s important that people know more about chronic indigestion and alcohol use.

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I quit drinking alcohol five and a half years ago, but I can clearly recall the stomach upsets I used to get after drinking. I felt like I was always battling with indigestion. Over time, my stomach upsets got much worse, and I had to use medications to help me cope.

Since quitting drinking, things have greatly improved for me. Although I still get indigestion from time to time (if I eat the wrong food), I rarely have the tummy troubles I used to get during my drinking days.

But if you’re a chronic drinker and have experienced frequent stomach…

It’s one of many health care services at White Bird Clinic

Photo courtesy of White Bird Clinic website

We have some of the most comprehensive mental health care services in Eugene, Oregon. CAHOOTS is a valuable resource for people facing mental health challenges throughout Lane County. CAHOOTS has been serving the Eugene and Springfield community for over 30 years.

CAHOOTS consists of a mental health crisis intervention team partnered with the Eugene Police Department. Concerned citizens can call the non-emergency line to request a welfare check or report someone in an active nonviolent crisis. CAHOOTS will come out instead of police intervention.

CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) provides mobile crisis intervention 24/7 in the Eugene-Springfield…

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When Adult Kids Struggle with Their Parents

I just got off the phone with my Mom and Dad. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I wanted to wish him well.

My Mother was taken to the ER last weekend, at her request, and was told, apparently by a Doctor, that she has “ a touch of pneumonia”. I was given the news by phone, from my sister in law, as my Mother was waiting to be seen in the hospital. This would be approximately the 8th time in 3 years she has gone to ER due to her lungs, oxygen levels and struggles to breathe. I may also…

As soon as I quit drinking my mental health improved.

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I went to several doctors and natural health specialists to seek help for depression in my young adult years. Out of all the doctors I saw, only one or two actually asked about how much I drank. I usually replied with a small lie and said I drank one or two per day throughout the week and a few more on the weekends. Although I drank more than that, the amount that I disclosed was still concerning.

The doctors who asked me about my drinking only told me to cut back. But unfortunately, I never received any patient education as…

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Mental Abuse Can Be Extremely Difficult to Escape

Oh, the things I have learned, since I left the abuse. If I could go back 10 years and have a serious talk with myself, I would never have fallen into a sick, twisted trauma bond with an abusive person.

He started off as such a “nice guy”. In some ways he was almost two nice, going out of his way to make plans with me, see me, and talk with me. We chatted through text, email and in person every day for months. His heart seemed genuine, but he had a side to him that I felt nervous about…

“A permanent solution, for a temporary problem”

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“Dead?” I echoed back to the phone, dazed. Just as lightning takes a while for you to hear thunder and stars too, take time for you to see their light. The pain was coming. I was yet to hear its thunder. I watched the water droplets join little streams on the glass of the window. I stared at the plastic dashboard of the transit van. I saw the lights in front of me flash red in intervals as they accelerated then broke. The sound became distant and distorted like underwater. …

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