Psychologists say “Social Anxiety destroy lives and Identifying it is the first step”

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Almost all people suffering from social anxiety denies it until they start seeing it infecting other parts of their life. It degrades their health, destroys their relationships, and decimates their dreams; leaving nothing behind but an unfillable void.

No-one wants to live like this, and the majority of people don’t even accept it in their minds. But the reality begs to differ when the root cause of all their misery is right under their noses, unnoticed. We all want to live happily and become successful in life — you may have the right attitude, a burning desire, and an unshakable persistence to do so. But it doesn’t necessarily translate into success. You know why? …

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Words Hurt More Than We Realize

The 80’s was a crazy time. Big hair, bright, bold colors, tight jeans, and leg warmers were the fashion, and every girl wanted to look like Farrah Fawcett or the other poster models on boy’s bedroom walls. We bleached and backcombed our hair, wore crazy amounts of eye shadow, and kept the hairspray companies in business.

We, as young girls, were all about appearances and “fitting in” back then. I am sure not much has changed with teen girls now, but this new world is offended by insults, and luckily we are all trying to raise our daughters more healthy, and stronger, as females. …

Hi friends,

I’m just getting around to updating the publication, creating the newsletter and adding some esthetics. It seems I’m struggling with how to add an image on the header, but I’ll figure that out soon!

I’m really proud of this publication and the work you’re all submitting has been amazing. The caliber of writers here is fantastic. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the community nature of this publication. For those who are new or who may have forgot, we are a giant team of editors all contributing to the publication. …

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How to stay grateful and gracious in 2020

We are closing in on the finish line for a year that has knocked us all off of our feet. In case, somehow you missed it, we have been invaded by a pandemic that will go down in history as one of the most “unprecedented times” in the human race.

Throughout this year, all of us have suffered losses in various forms- family members, jobs, homes, celebrations, and freedom. It is almost impossible to wrap our heads around what our globe has endured this year. It is difficult to stay positive.

New language has been brought into our lives. COVID-19, Novel Corona virus, pandemic, unprecedented times, quarantine, n95 masks, ventilators, and other scary words, have become household terminology. It has been confusing, misleading, concerning, fear impacting, and strange for all of us this year, as we do our best to stay safe and out of the way of the invisible illness that lurks on seemingly everything we touch. …

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Maybe they aren’t all bad

When we think of narcissistic behavior, a few negative qualities come into mind. They are selfish, egocentric, manipulative, often abusive, and typically unkind. They are also people who know how to love bomb when they need to, in order to make themselves seem heartfelt, genuine and overly kind.

I have had experiences with female narcissistic people, as well as male. Through my time with them, I learned that narcissism does not depend on gender. In fact, they were so much alike, it was eerie. Both of them were very passive aggressive, both very self centered and privileged, equally abusive, and identically disrespectful. …

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If you’ve been with a narcissist, they chose you carefully

If you have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, it is most likely because you have a ton of empathy and a quiet, calm heart. You are the perfect candidate for the narcissist, because they need your kindness and warmth, in order to feel successful.

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How They Get You

When I first met my narcissistic ex, he knew exactly how to win me over. He would use phrases like, “this must be fate” when we met, and he would ask me to go see him daily. He would make me breakfast, and take me for long walks, where he would ask me about my life and my past. …

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When the world outside is frightful

This year has been a doozy on everyone’s mental health. I mean, when you consider how much has happened in the span of 9 months, it isn’t alarming that there has been a serious increase in addiction, domestic abuse, suicides, and alcohol consumption.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental health challenges and substance addiction has more than tripled since 2019. This is not surprising, given the hand we have all been dealt this year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the blind siding of the lockdown that we all went through, I have had a lot of time to go up and down with mental health struggles, with anxiety and depression, as well as Complex PTSD. I have been on various medications to help keep a handle on my rabbit hole visits, and have been talking with a mental health specialist. I have learned some valuable lessons along the way, that I need to learn and adhere to, and that I believe would benefit everyone. …

Speaking from personal experience, substance abuse brings about hopelessness. Combined with erotophobia, you may have a deadly cocktail.

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Erotophobia is an umbrella term that covers a variety of fears. It is defined as a phobia that is associated with intimacy and or sex. This may include romantic relationships and other types of intimate contact.

Erotophobia is exceptionally complicated and often includes more than one fear or phobia.

When left untreated, erotophobia can be devastating. It is very personal and may lead to avoidance, isolation, and substance abuse.

Speaking from firsthand experience, substance abuse brings about despair and hopelessness compounding existing behavior health issues.

The substance abuse associated with erotophobia usually exasperates the anxiety and fear associated with the disorder compounding issues. …

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Why you need to leave toxic people behind

This year has been rough, on so many levels. There has been fear, loss, grief, unknowns, political turmoil, sickness, and so many emotional roller coasters for all of us.

Almost two years ago, I was in an extremely toxic relationship with a narcissistic person. His control and manipulation was a constant in my life, to the point where I barely noticed it anymore. Close friends, would every once in awhile remind me that my partner was a control freak, and would make comments on different things he said, or various ways he would treat me. He wasn’t always that way. In fact, there were times, behind closed doors, that he would be “almost” kind. There were also times, behind closed doors, when he was an absolute monster. I lived my life, by getting by, day to day. My work kept me commuting for two hours a day, and work kept me out of the house for 40 hours a week. The past few years, I learned to stay in the house, but avoid him with my own activities and interests. We co-existed. …

Techniques for recovering from addictive behaviors and substances.

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Our brains have been hijacked. We binge watch Netflix or browse social media for hours. We use substances to ease the stress. It may seem like these behaviors aren’t related, but the underlying brain chemistry is very similar.

The modern world hyperstimulates our brains, and this makes it harder and harder to do anything that isn’t these addictive behaviors and substances. We need practices in our lives that calm things down and return our serotonin levels to a normal baseline.

People talk about “digital detoxes” and meditation as ways to do it. …


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