Addiction VS Recovery

The difference

Whether you have an addiction, mental illlness or anything else that’s traumatic or serious: mentally, emotionally, physically; it should be taken seriously and take time in recovery.

Don’t expect recovery nor the person in recovery to be perfect. Don’t expect or assume they will do perfectly in recovery and not make a single mistake or break down.

Recovery isn’t perfect just like humans. Recovery never will be. Recovery will have it’s ups and downs, slip ups and relapses. Recovery does not take a day off. So don’t expect anything, or anyone to be perfect in any perfect way. Cuz that’s not our reality anymore.

You may think reality is all that you think it is and you think and believe that you are following along with reality as it’s changing. But your logically not in any logical way. There’s not actual real logic to back up that statement. No proof, no real solution or evidence that it is logically able to be labelled as true.

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