Mental Health Matters

Aromatherapy is a great thing with recovery from a mental illness including addictions like smoking, gambling. Addictions are mental illnesses too.

When your in recovery with a mental illness, you will be on the long journey forever. It’s a never ending journey. Recovery is not perfect and never will be. Recovery will have its slip ups and relapses as well as its good days. And that is completely normal in recovery.

Recovery does not take a day off therefore my statement of recovery being a long yet never ending journey that is worked on every day no matter what.

There are also essential oils that are sold at Bath & Body Works, and other stores where applicable. But it also states that you should be aware of the dose you use and how often. Same goes with other forms like music therapy. Be aware and record or recognize is good with how long, how often and what genres of music that you listen to.

I would without a doubt recommend these two products to help with stress and for your other needs as I have myself been using since my last year of high school (grade 12) and works great!

These scrubs are great in the shower. Some may like the sugar scrubs at Bath & Body Works, but others prefer the regular scrubs. I’m one of those who likes the regular scrubs but don’t mind much at all with the sugar scrubs.

These two body lotions are great. The one on the left is kinda strong (not as strong as you would think) and the other one is less strong for those who would like to try this aromatherapy product but less strong, this one (on the right) would be best.

You may wonder what the difference and possible different benefits of both the body cream and body lotion. Well the body lotion is kinda more liquid-like form compared to the body cream which is more thick.

Anyway, both body lotions as above are great to use, varying on the strength of the scent you are looking for. Calming but not so strong, go with the right one. Wanting the same scent but strong, go with the left.

The aromatherapy eucalyptus tea are great for they aren’t strong scented and yet very helpful as aromatherapy would be.

Above are some of the aromatherapy, eucalyptus spearmint products by Bath & Body Works along the others below.

So I would suggest consulting a doctor and/or pharmacist about what they’d recommend with using essential oils with your recovery along with the dosage before any use of them.

Sleep, sensual, stress relief & energy are a few aromatherapy products Bath & Body Works sells that work great. There are others like essential oils that would benefit with your needs and situations as per suggested to speak to a pharmacist and doctor about what they’d recommend.

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