Confidence VS Self Esteem

Self-esteem – confidence

When it comes to being confident within myself and loving myself, it wasn’t easy for me like it is for many people. But though I’ve come to a great point along with my success with this, I’m enjoying it as well as I am working hard to continue my progress and my long and never-ending journey with my mental health.

My mental health is so important and important to me that I won’t sacrifice my mental health just to meet anyone’s requirements, standards or expectations to be accepted or even to impress anyone. I am who I am and I’ll impress them for being who I am without faking one ounce of myself!

Many people have courage even when they don’t feel it. Others are able to find it and use it to the best of their ability.

Some believe they need courage in themselves to get further to achieving their dreams or conquering their fears. They have the right to believe that. For those who can’t find that courage/strength in them, help them out.

Help them find their courage by putting them in a situation where you would use courage/strength. And see what happens. See if they choose to use their strength/courage to fight the current/the hate or whatever it may be.

If you want, give them something to think about, something they may hate about the world or anything they may feel limited in life. Anything. Use that feeling to help get their courage/strength out to show/prove to the world who they messed with and what they’re made of. Do that! Show them what you can do! They will realize who they messed with and maybe even apologize for messing with them in the first place. Don’t think it isn’t necessary for those who judge/mess with people’s lives to apologize for what they did.

In conclusion, courage can have such a huge effect on you once you use it! You will be amazed at what and where it gets you in life! Don’t hide it, use it to get what you want in life! Anything you want is possible! Never be limited of how far or what you can get in life. No one can make anyone feel limited in any and all situations in life.

Self-confidence is how you feel about your abilities and can vary from situation to situation. I may have healthy self-esteem, but low confidence about situations involving math (this is true). When you love yourself, your self-esteem improves, which makes you more confident.

You got style. Looking so sharp! Rocking out hard to smile. You gotta go far! Believe in yourself! You don’t need to be who your not, all that you need is all that you’ve got! Just believe in yourself! You should know what you are, money can’t buy! Cuz you should know it’s all about you!

It’s not about the money you make. It’s not about the little mistakes. It’s not about the people you know. You’ll be fine on your own. It’s not about ur clothes that you wear! It’s not about the car I swear. It’s the little things you say and you do.

I’m cool just being all I can be!

No one can tell you who you REALLY are!

What’s the difference between confidence and self esteem? When we started researching this subject we assumed the two were pretty much interchangeable. We were young(er) and naïve back then. The difference between these two qualities is the subject of fierce debate among academics with ferociously committed detractors and supporters on boths sides. Who knew you could go to battle over psychology.

Basically self esteem is the value you see yourself having in the world. “Am I worthwhile human being?” Answer that question with a yes and the chances are you have pretty high self esteem. It’s not a quality that changes very much since it is related to a broad sense of personal value or self worth. If you have high self esteem at work, you probably have it in other areas of your life too, because this is a reflection of how you see yourself. People with high self esteem tend to see the universe as a pretty friendly place.

Confidence, on the other hand, is related to action, it’s a belief that you can succeed at something. Psychologists call it domain specific. So, you can be confident about one area of your life, but totally unconfident about another. “I am confident that I am a good manager but I’m not at all confident about speaking in public.

In many ways it is easier to grow your confidence than your self esteem. Confidence builds by taking action and trying things you find hard, by going outside your comfort zone. If you work at that public speaking, bit by bit, you will become more confident of your abilities. You may never be perfect but that’s not the point, confidence is about facing obstacles and realizing you’re still alive even when you fail.

Obviously there’s a correlation between these two qualities. If you have high self esteem you are likely to be a more confident person too. But not always. Andre Agassi is a classic example of someone who was perfectly confident of their ablity to play great tennis, but was riddled with anxiety in the rest of his life.

The debate stems from a growing belief among psychologists that the self esteem movement of the past couple of decades has been unhelpful. Programs in schools and therapy offices have focused on getting people to believe they were great human beings. Everyone, we were told, was a winner, perfect just as they were. The trouble with that is that just telling people it didn’t build solid self worth, it wasn’t based on a foundation of concrete results. So, the self esteem was fragile.

The virtue of confidence is that it is constructed on solid achievements. Say you want to learn to swim but you don’t believe you will be any good – so you take lessons, practice and sure enough if you put in the effort. and learn to swim. Now, you will never be an Olympic swimmer, but you will learn to swim across the lake. And you have built your confidence because you have mastered a task you found daunting.

Believe in herself, Speak up for herself

I deserve to be accepted, loved and celebrated for all that I am as a human being and citizen of our society! And I’m gonna express that for myself on my terms and for myself on my end, and life will do the rest! Letting nature do what it has in store for me on its end.

I used to have a bad habit of controlling way more of my life than I only had access and control with. I’ve been working on that and I’ve come to a great point with success of that! And I’m so proud of myself for achieving that!

We all tend to forget and exclude some people and that also includes our own self. It’s important that we don’t exclude ourself in anything at all.

What matters most no matter what happens or what anyone says or tells you; it’s what you think about yourself being more important than what others think about you. And never forget that.

For many years like anyone else has experienced in their lifetime, I’ve had a problem with caring what others think so much that I chose to change myself just to meet their expectations and standards to be accepted by them. But in the real reality here, the only acceptance that really matters is my own.

I just had to allow myself to fully experience and learn that for myself and to be fully impacted by!

Thinking of all those things I’ve always wanted in my life over the years, well it’s my chance to get them since I don’t get unlimited chances to. Not everything happens with many opportunities. So I’m gonna think twice before walking away from a one in a million opportunity!

More to say but I’m choosing to let my actions and words coming real soon; as in a few days or less!

The difference between love with a partner (romantic partner) and love for ourself, it’s important and known that one must learn to love oneself first before putting themselves in the dating world or rather to say out there to experience life with love in all of its possibilities.

We must love ourselves unconditionally first before we can find ourselves to love someone else and to be loved by someone else.


To have a priority to take care of yourself, love yourself and take care of your happiness, guarding/protecting it; it’s very well necessary and well needed. And still not one bit selfish to what the rest of society has viewed this to be. Though this definition may be hard for those who find it difficult to understand the real definition of the term; it’s within themselves to try our best to step outside of our comfort zones to gain some progress and achieve this kind of goal for the rest of society.

For many years, I’ve been told and believed that other than taking care of ourself as in our personal hygiene, nothing else is necessary or needed for ourselves and that anything else is well labeled or known as selfish. But since I started believing the right belief of this, I stopped being so hard on myself as well as all else that I have accomplished through my mental health recovery for depression, some anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. Which I’ve come to accept, respect more than anything else I believe; and embrace the real fact that self love, and self care in all the ways we can achieve in the area of mental health, is selfish but in a very good, necessary, and good way.

And with all my amazing progress I’ve very well achieved, I’m here to say that it’s all been quite worth the hard work and everything I had to do to get to the place where I am today with loving myself unconditionally, being at peace with myself, and all else that I’ve accomplished with my mental health recovery. And I could not have achieved it any other way. Nothing is impossible though everyone works at their own pace and level.

Self love and self care is not one bit selfish in the way the rest of society chooses to view.

I’m here to bring up some great accomplishments that I’ve achieved with my mental health recovery. And they are: being able to achieve and practice self love and loving myself, self confidence, self worth, positivity, time management, gaining more energy, motivation, emotions, inner strength, happiness, self control, self care practices, and much more! And I’m ultimately proud of all that I’ve accomplished in little over 2 years! I’m also proud of who I have become!

Loving ourselves? Wow, to many of us, that will sound odd and weird to give ourselves that kind of attention on that kind of level. Our parents have trained our brains and taught us to take care of ourselves on the level of personal hygiene but aside from that nothing else should be taken care of.

Well when it comes to psychology, everything about that is different. It’s looked as though not just personal hygiene being important with taking care of ourselves, but also on the new level of taking time to spend alone to figure things out, to learn about ourselves and who we truly are and lastly, to indulge in some self care and self love being as watching a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or any tv series on Netflix or Crave. This is recommended during times of need, when one is feeling emotionally sensitive and needs time to spend alone to wind down or to just be selfish.

This kind of ritual/routine is not selfish in the definition of the term that society labels to be, but rather well recommended and necessary. It’s rather to also saying that we should be more kind with ourselves and not nearly as harsh on ourselves as we all have been over the many years of our own individual lives.

Which is why psychology and mental health is so important that we allow it all to be part of our life and part of our society and world. So that we can then be impacted greatly by psychology and mental health as long as we allow it to!

Inspiration is something that’s all around us more often than we let ourselves see. It took me quite some time to figure that out and to embrace and be impacted by that fact fully and let my experiences teach me valuable lessons than I can use throughout my new and improved life!

Now that I’m my new and improved self, living my new and improved life, it’s time o make some more changes in my life! What will they be? Well I’m just gonna let life happen and be open for what happens!