Mental Illness, Depression Symptoms, Severe

As for how true this quote is, also is scary and hard to do. That I’m the only one who can save myself. As for my happier post last night and all your comments (which were helpful so much & greatly appreciated and grateful for), I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Cherla on Friday at 10am to discuss my symptoms becoming more severe and discussing further plans/actions and the best and right solutions and also get my wart zapped again.

Email to Dr. Cherla (family doctor)

Hey, Dr. Cherla. I am currently on the phone to book an appointment with you and to also get my wart zapped again. I have a new update (I havent heard from Dr. Kao yet) and I’d like to discuss it further with you at the most earliest time this week as my mental health is getting worse. My symptoms are getting worse & more severe.

Honnestly I’ve been feeling and experiencing worse symptoms caused from my mental health conditions. I don’t know what else to do except book an appointment not only to get my wart zapped again but also to meet with you to discuss my symptoms getting worse. My brain is becoming and is quite empty, more numbing feeling, more pain, headaches. I also still have barely any hunger/appetite at all. I only eat cuz I know I need to buy my stomach hasn’t growled at me in a few months since my relapse started. I really am getting super worried and concerned for both my physical and mental health! Help me. Give me anything they can help me! Any tips, thoughts, insights, advice, reccomendations, etc? Can at our next appointment and any in email too, would be great. Thanks.

Email to Mom

Hey, as for when you said you would start trying to understand what I’m going through and that it’s easy but your willing to try. Hearing that made me feel better that your taking initiative to try to understand, respect, accept and support me with all I’m going through. And I really do appreciate that.

Anyway, I want to share with you (and we can discuss during lunch or after work) that I’ve been experiencing many symptoms (more physical: headaches, body pain, stomach aches, etc) and I’ve just started becoming aware that they are getting worse and more severe. I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Cherla on Friday at 10am and also get my wart zapped again. I also think I should share this update with Dr. Kao in email and see what he has to say about this. I am also 110% comfortable and feel that taking either Prozac or another antidepressant that Dr. Cherla reccomended at my previous appointment last week. And am currently waiting to hear back from Dr. Kao on the idea/thoughts of taking an antidepressant (either Prozac or another antidepressant) along with all the experiences & symptoms I’ve been experiencing lately.

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