Mental health is more important yet than society believe


Our whole body isn’t being taking care of. Our brain is am important organ in the body in which iIt needs to be taken care of just like every other organ in the human body.

  • #mentalillnessfeelslike your so numb you can’t speak. You try your absolute hardest to speak, but nothing happens!
  • #mentalhealthawareness we are not our labels nor anything the stigma gives us including society! We are still humans
  • Mental health is way more important than so many citizens in the world have ever believed. #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma
  • Recovering from my first relapse #depression slowing feeling more like myself but not rushing to achieve this!
  • #MentalHealthMatters #labels our illness never ever defines us, many greater things do! We have to change this…
  • #MentalHealthMatters #beauty would u even if you took enough courage 2 speak up about your illness & mental illness?
  • #MentalHealthMonday possibilities are endless when there’s someone who can bring light to mental illness!
  • I’m so happy & proud 2 be part of these amazing movements for mental health! #SickNotWeak #imnotashamed #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma
  • @IslamicZombies @TheRebelTV @AndrewLawton the stigma and discrimination around mental illness needs to be stopped! #socialchange
  • @MHWarriorMegsy @SickNotWeak many of us can all agree on that! Let’s change the at society views mental health! #BellLetsTalk
  • @MHWarriorMegsy @SickNotWeak awesome creative idea! Love these movements with mental health #imnotashamed #SickNotWeak #MentalHealthMatters
  • One of my assignments for one of my classes this fall is to speak on an organization important to me! @SickNotWeak is the one I’m choosing!
  • @LauraLoveJDB @MHWarriorMegsy @SickNotWeak 💜 love it! Speaking out loud about Mental Health is exactly what this world needs.
  • <3 Educating others on the importance of Mental Health is important and crucial.
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike society labels us “lunatics” like we deserve it, we do believe and agree with it but we should never label ourselves
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike our labels given from the stigma from others define us! When truthfully, they don’t! Our illness doesn’t define us!
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike people just don’t understand nor are open to ever respecting and supporting mental illness #stigma
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike – we don’t just have scars on the outside but on the inside too! There is no given time amount for recovery!
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike we are wrong as a human even though depression is not a healthy and normal human emotion
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike society believes and tells us that we aren’t normal or good citizens of society! That we don’t belong on earth!
  • #mentalillnessfeelslike we chose to be depressed… We didn’t not wanted to be depressed. Depression or whatever illness we have chose us!