Recovery Definition

The beginning is always the hardest to start on a new and unknown world and territory as well as new habits and things that are part of the working and successful process of improving and making our lifestyle successful, healthier and positive!

But for me, I’ve made more than enough life changes though I’m in the stage in my life where I’m ready for some new change: a love life!

Hello! Today is a new day! New fresh starts. New changes. A new life! Whatever I want starts from my mind and doing what is necessary to make it a reality! No matter what my parents and sister have to say otherwise about all the things that contribute to my happiness and mental wellbeing, I’m gonna only choose to listen to my own voice. And my voice only! I know what I want and all of that makes me happy.

And I should allow myself to do the things that make me happy! Because if I can’t be who I wanna be and do what I wanna do, then I’m not gonna be happy; as quoted by Justin Bieber. So I’m gonna live the life I’m more than confident, content, happy, proud and comfortable living!

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