Things I forgot what it felt like: Recovery

One thing that I understood about recovery is that: recovery does not take a day off. Because if you take a day off, your gonna push yourself back to square one a.k.a. day one or even worse become depressed and experience another depressive episode. Now do you really want to go down that road again? I hope your answer is “no”

I forgot what it felt like to feel, be alive, be happy and not be depressed. And honestly it feels so amazing! Now that I finished my recovery, I feel like I can start a new chapter of my life and focus on more human, normal and healthy things like my dreams and life purpose for example! Would be great to create something amazing for mental health awareness month. But more importantly mental health entirely. Like joining a group for mental health and host events, etc for mental health! Would be such an awesome opportunity for me! Or even volunteer at local mental health clinics! Would help me start using my life purpose and passion!

Recovery can take a long time. But everyone is different. Someone could have suffered from depression for two years but think they would be in recovery for a year or more. Well there’s no real, accurate answer to this for the last day of your recovery could be 6 months from the first day. Or it could be 6+ months to reach the end of the recovery stage and onto the next chapter of their life.

Don’t be hard on yourself, you’ll get there one day. Just take one day at a time.

But once you reach the end of the rope, you’ll believe that it was worth all the time it took to get there. And once you’ve accomplished your recovery, you can then focus on starting your next chapter. Where are you gonna start? Maybe work on some art projects that has inspired you throughout your recovery. Or maybe you have a passion for writing creatively or just love speaking openly without the thought of anyone online judging your every thought or post that you share. Just a few thoughts!

When I post stuff on Tumblr, Twitter, and Medium, I’m not ashamed nor scared, wondering what others will think. I will post whatever I want without letting what others think dictate whether or not I post something. They are only doing that because they see something good in you.

It’ll be alright. They’re just jealous of your highs. So they can knock you down. – Selena Gomez