You Are Never Alone

Sometimes those little signs can tell us certain things in which give us the hint that we should do something. And even the little signs mean something small but meaningful or those big things or those special moments like milestones: graduation, first kiss, first love, first boyfriend, getting married, starting a family and much more!

No matter how you life has been and what it is currently, don’t lose hope in the life you dream on living one day! The future isn’t broken, even if it is, it can be fixed! It’s it impossible!

Being all that you are, you are truly all that you should be and no one including yourself should change to impress nor to gain acceptance by others to be happy… If you want to be accepted, refer back to chapters, 19, 22, & 24!

No one can take away your identity nor your personality unless you let them. If you like who you are, show the world who you are and what you are truly capable of! You’ll won’t just impress and surprise others but yourself too!

Well sometimes yelling is better than staying quiet. Never keep something inside that you really need to get out. ~ Date My Dad
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