Mentimeter used a Le Web roadshow in Stockholm. Wrapp CEO Hjalmar Winbladh answering questions

Microsoft, Prezi and Evernote agrees; interaction is the future of meetings!

Everybody has an opinion and wants to be part of the ongoing conversation.

To be included and listened to is a basic need and drives learning, efficiency and fun.

It’s a core human desire; to be engaged.

One area has just begun this transition; analogue interactions such as meetings and presentations.

Who’s in?

Large industry leading companies and startups are taking positions in this area at the moment. Let me bring up a couple of examples:

Microsoft — Introduced it’s Office Mix during the beginning of 2014 making Office Powerpoint somewhat interactive

Evernote — Introduced Presentation Mode in mid-2014 with Phil Libin saying “It’s not about presenting in front of 1000 people, it’s about the conversation”

Prezi — Whom just announced a $57M investment has always stated “create more engaging presentations” as their tagline.

What does Mentimeter believe in?

We do things a bit different since we are 100% focused on interaction and stand in the intersection of business, tech and consulting. With over 2 million users we have some backing when we state:

  • Usage at conferences and in education are small stepping-stones to the great revolution that will happen in every-day business meetings.
  • True valuable interactions in meetings comes from facilitated and clearly stated questions that are answered and discussed in real-time.
  • Usage must be as easy as tweeting or raising your hand if every-day adoption should happen.

/Johnny, CEO Mentimeter