Nov 23, 2016 · 5 min read

A lot has happened at Mention over the last month or so.

We unveiled a brand new website, went on a wonderful retreat, and welcomed six talented new team members.

But here’s what really matters to you: media monitoring got even better.

Not only did we release the new Insights Center, we also made lots of smaller upgrades based on client feedback.

You asked for, and now have:

  • More advanced Facebook tracking
  • “Read-only” access for your clients and guests
  • Competitive analysis on mobile

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Monitor any public Facebook page

To truly monitor everything said on social media, you need to know what’s said on Facebook. It’s “the social network,” after all. So your Facebook monitoring has been given a major upgrade.

Who’s it for?

Users on Company plans.

What’s the story?

You can now see mentions on any public Facebook page. If an influencer, rival company, or major publication says something about your brand, you’ll know about it.

Plus you’ll see every comment on each post. In one mention, you get the full story and the reactions to it.

How can you use this?

Watch for Facebook influencers and journalists talking about you and your industry. These social power users have huge audiences, and can affect the public perception of your brand.

That’s especially true for businesses in controversial industries. For instance, companies like BP and Seaworld have been the subjects of massive debates over the last decade. Every time a third party like Greenpeace or WWF shares an opinion or article, they would know.

This information is essential for brands, especially during a crisis.

Give guest access to your clients and colleagues

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply explain your monitoring results to others. You want them to see it for themselves.

But you also don’t want just anyone to be able to edit and manage your Mention account. So now you can give anyone “read-only” access to your account.

Who’s it for?

Everybody with a Mention account. Cool!

What’s the story?

We’ve introduced three different tiers of Mention users. As an administrator of your team’s account, you can make anyone:

  • An administrator: admins have full access to create or delete alerts, change team members, and see billing information.
  • A user: users have limited access. They can create or delete alerts, but can’t see billing information or edit team members.
  • A guest: these team members have read-only access. They can’t delete data or create new alerts, but can still view all mentions and dashboards.

How can you use this?

Give everyone access to your valuable data knowing that they can’t make a costly mistake. Share your mentions with your whole team while keeping one or two team members as the “owners.”

That includes your not-so-savvy CEO. Let them see all the research you’ve done, hands-on. As a guest, they can check in any time, but won’t be able to change anything important.

It’s also perfect for agencies. Want to share your account with clients or third parties? You can do this without worrying that they’ll delete alerts or eat up your quota.

Just make them a guest.

Get competitive analytics on your mobile phone

One of the most exciting benefits of media monitoring is spying on your competitors. It’s only natural — you want to see how you stack up against the opposition.

Now you have competitive analysis sitting in your pocket, wherever you go.

Who’s it for?

The mobile apps are free for all customers, so everyone who has dashboard access (Starter plans and up) can now view them on mobile.

What’s the story?

Our mobile apps now include our popular competitive analysis features. That means you can compare the performance of your biggest competitors against your own, on the go.

Compare your brand against its competition to see who has the highest share of voice, the most positive or negative comments, and which brands perform best in different markets.

All on your phone.

How can you use this?

Simply put, you’ll now have access to competitive analysis data even if you’re away from your computer. That could be while in meetings, during your commute, or a quick update at home without booting up your laptop.

Or maybe you meet a client for coffee and they want to know how their competitor’s latest marketing campaign is going. Let them see for themselves on your mobile phone or iPad.

Not convinced? Download the mobile app and see for yourself:

Moroccan rock and roll, Mention-style

Mention has grown quickly over the last three years. With so many new faces working from New York, Paris, and more, it was about time we got everyone together in the same place.

That place was Marrakech, Morocco, for our first company retreat. For some, it was the first time meeting everybody face-to-face.

We talked about Mention’s future, brainstormed new features and improvements, and had way too much fun:

We’re hiring!

Want to join our next retreat and help shape the future of monitoring? We have lots of new positions to fill, and you might be the perfect person!

Front end developer

We need another clever dev to help us perfect our web app. Ideally, you’re based in Paris, but we want to hear from you no matter where you are!

Apply here.

International account executive

We’re looking for an inbound salesperson to join our Paris office. If you speak French, English, and a third language and have B2B sales experience, you might be the one!

Apply here.

Business developer

We also need an outbound salesperson to join us in Paris. If you’re fluent in English and French and know the sales cycle from prospecting to closing, get in touch.

Apply here.

To see all the open opportunities at Mention, visit our jobs page.


Simple yet powerful monitoring tool for your brand, competition, industry, and more, anywhere online.


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Simple yet powerful monitoring tool for your brand, competition, industry, and more, anywhere online.

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