#ElectionDay: The Hashtag

This isn’t about an opinion, there’s no 2020 hindsight, zero feelings of remorse, nothing celebratory, and talk of secession or moving to Canada is laughable. Without a vote, I’ve invested no emotional capital in the process or outcome of this Presidential election campaign. Everyday for this past six months has been like reading a new chapter of “Hyperbole 451.” It’s been incendiary.

I decided to sit it out the Twitter tsunami of election day, being content to watch the spectacle unfold from the social sidelines. Besides, tweeting anything into that frenzy would be like farting into a hurricane… no bang, all whimper.

On November 7th, I scheduled a collection of saved maps for the hashtag #ElectionDay putting Mentionmapp to work for me on November 8th. The schedule was hourly intervals from 8:30am — 5:30pm (PST), and then every thirty minutes from 6:00pm until 11:35pm (PST).

We can map who’s tweeting at who; who’s mentioning or retweeting who; and we can map who’s retweeting what (like what’s pictured to the left). For this story, I decided to leave out the who was saying and showing what.

My curiosity was sparked by seeing the combination of hashtags as they were connected to the core theme of November 8th, 2016… #ElectionDay. It’s another layer of commentary.

For each saved map we see the last 200 tweets with #ElectionDay, and every other hashtag that’s been used with it. (We can filter the tags on and off the map. Seven tags at a time is the max we display. Each .gif is ordered by the number of times each other hashtag was used in conjunction with #ElectionDay)

There’s nothing particularly scientific about this, and we’re certainly not claiming any great revelations. We’ve collected only fragments. History might one day place this event somewhere on a continuum between a seismic societal shift, or a massive tear in the fabric of our universe.

Here’s are a few snapshots the the day in hashtags.

#ElectionDay 8:30am (PST)


#ElectionDay 9:30am (PST)
This is a collection of tags revealed on Mentionmapp


#ElectionDay 10:30am (PST)


#ElectionDay 2:30pm (PST)


#ElectionDay 5:30pm (PST)


#ElectionDay 6:00pm (PST)


#ElectionDay 9:30pm (PST)


#ElectionDay 10:00pm (PST)


#ElectionDay 11:35pm (PST)


While knowing we have more Twitter people & conversations than I have hours to sort through, it’s also sobering to think that we’ve archived only a thin vein of a polarized nations psyche. We’ll be sifting through it all again in search of the reasoned, and rational voices. Somewhere in the middle of it, there’s bound to be a few non-frothy dogma free tweets.

In the meantime, feel free to tweet us if you spot the Four Horsemen charging through your neighbourhood.

From John’s (cofounder) pen.

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