R.I.P Minister of #bcpoli Bots

image from Pixibay

Dust in the digital breeze, delete. You’re gone, Twitter says you don’t exist. We barely knew you @ReverendSM, but you still gave us so much. Of course we’re curious if disappearing over the Easter weekend was in anyway a symbolic act? Could there be a resurrection of some form? So many questions that’ll simply remain mysteries.

Were we to eulogize the now deleted Twitter profile @ReverendSM, we first have to give thanks for the archive of Tweets and collection of Tweet amplifying Bots. We observed enough questionable behaviour to share a pair of case studies related to the hashtag #bcpoli (number I and number II). It shows the use of Bots (those deliberately masquerading as real profiles) in connection to propelling political messages is happening in Canada too.

It’s not just a Trump thing, a Russian thing, a right thing or a left thing, it’s flat out a spurious thing. Bots can’t vote, yet their being injected into and undermining the credibility of a very human conversation.

We also appreciate earning an opportunity to speak with Jon McComb about this Global issue.

We reflect on some of our process, and share a selection from our archive connecting the Bots of #bcpoli, and the Shepard of this flock @ReverendSM.

“The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden.” — Seneca

From John’s pen (cofounder).

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