From finance to UX Design and never looking back

Raluca Maria Angelescu
Mento Design Academy
7 min readJul 25, 2022

“You spent seven years learning finance, a Fortune Global 500 company finally accepted you, and you’re not going to pursue that? Are you insane? “

This is what some of Volodymyr’s friends used to say to him a couple of years back. Like any person transitioning to a different job and following their passion, he had his fair share of disapproval, but also people who had his back. No matter which voices were louder, he was more determined than ever to pursue Design and never looked back.

As of today, I am starting a series meant to share people’s stories about their transition to Design through Mento Design Academy, aiming to be the voice that tells people: “Hey, if you want it, you can do it, no matter when or what your background is.”. It’s also an honor to talk to talented and determined people and share their stories.

I am kicking off this series with one of Mento’s first students, Volodymyr, now a successful Product Designer and one of the most fun and caring people I’ve worked with. Similar to myself, Mento changed Volodymyr’s career at a time when he decided UX Design was his calling. After spending a couple of years trying to find his way in other industries, including Finance, Software development, and other creative activities such as photography or music, UX made him fall in love, and he never looked back.

Before we dive into UX, can you tell us more about yourself?

I am originally from Ukraine but moved to Poland a couple of years ago. I’ve studied finance, even though I’ve already been a person passionate about creativity and sports. I love any sport involving a ball, apart from football, where an injury ended my professional tennis career. :)

I like discovering new places, tasting local food, and sharing these experiences with others is something that excites me the most. On the creative side, I love animation and motion. I am interested in how UX Design combined with motion graphics can make the user experience not only better and more efficient but more delightful as well. I hope to be able to master those one day.

What got you interested in UX Design?

Raluca Maria Angelescu
Mento Design Academy

UX/UI Designer .Everyone deserves a better designed world! Starting with the morning coffee cup and all the way through digital interfaces.