Mesensei is now open for business and investment

Stealth mode is over. After an intense year of tech and business model development Mesensei emerges as an ambitious challenger in the mentoring software market offering a cutting edge GDPR compliant mobile platform hosted in Helsinki, Finland.

Starting a new venture is exciting. Being in stealth mode and dishing out round-about answers to people eager to know what you are doing is intriguing. Coming out with a new product and shouting “It’s alive! It’s alive” is ecstatic!

For the past year I have been working with a superb team of startup veterans to bring to life a vision, which will transform the way we build success stories both in business and in life.

Mentorship is one of the most powerful ways to transfer knowledge. Anyone who has had a good mentor knows the life changing impact a mentor can have. With Mesensei, we are on mission to bring life changing discussions available for everyone.

Our journey has taken us from Aalto University Media Lab to Madrid, Cambridge, Michigan and Singapore. In the process we have developed powerful mentorship models and technologies.

Mesensei combines North American and Asian mentorship with Finnish game development & pedagogical expertise. Mentorship programs powered by Mesensei are aimed at engagement, excellence and scale.

We call for all accelerators, businesses, charities and educational institutions to visit our demo booth C.5 on Day 2 of Slush to check out how Mesensei EU GDPR compliant platform can power your mentorship program.

If you are an investor, you might be interested to know Mesensei is now open for Pre-seed Investment.

To find out more, please contact me directly (e.g via LinkedIn), or use the Slush Matchmaking tool to set up a meeting.

Mesensei slogan is: “One discussion with the right person may change your life”. Slush is a perfect place to have one. See you there 30.11–1.12.2017!

Ps. We would not be this far after only 12 months without the help of our mentors, coaches and connectors. Here’s a shout out for: Helsinki NewCo Tommo Koivusalo, Henrik Keinonen and Liisa Paavilainen; LevelUp accelerator team, Erna Gronow, Heidi Sjögren, Jouni Eho, Laura Carnicelli, Povilas Valiauga; xEDU Accelerator team Antti Korhonen, Niko Lindholm, Oles Datsko & Anna Dementyeva; Made in Mobile team Sixto Arias, Ines Nogales & Marta Fernández de la Vega; Rapid Action Group, Mika Pirttivaara, Elina Wanne, Ari Huczkowski & Raquel Benmergui; and our most awesomest and bestest gurus on lean service creation, sales, platforms, and innovation ecosystems: Will Cardwell, Fabian Sepulveda, Troy Woodson, Ville Eloranta and particulary Alan Barrell, who personally taugh me what the Cambridge Phenomenon is all about.